Jan. 6, 2022

The Bachelor Episode One Show Notes and Charts by Alex Thomas


Episode Notes By Alex Thomas

Episode 1

  • From Eureka, Missouri (ok, what's there?)
  • College football player, 28 years old
  • Only had 8 minutes of screen time on the Bachelorette w/ Michelle Young
  • They kissed. Michelle's students wrote him letters after he got sent home (he met them). He cried. He wants to have a family very badly.
  • Careers include Miss Virginia USA, last year law student, ICU nurse, real estate advisor, registered nurse (a virgin), bartender, executive recruiter, a wedding videographer. 
  • Career listed as "previously engaged" (she gets a pass because she's there when she was supposed to get married… rough. But like if you're this emotional, you probably shouldn't have come. Ok, she wanted to go, and they let her meet Clayton before deciding. 
  • Why did Clayton step away for a minute? He gave her the rose!!! If that were me, though, I'd be like, this guy hasn't even seen any of the other girls yet and is just excited to see someone, so I wouldn't take it that personally. Accept the fucking rose, Sally. You made it this far. Sally didn't accept. Poor Clayton starting the season off with his first increased offer being rejected after just being rejected by Michelle                                      
  • *notes from after all girls are met begin below*
  • Host informs that he has one 1st impression rose to be given out. 
  • Clayton has his first alone time with Susie. She seems genuine and collected, real & thoughtful. SO FAR.
  • Elizabeth, 32, is second for alone time and brings a 100 yr old picture of her great grandfather to hold on to as a symbol of all that had to happen for them to meet. Kinda big gesture for a first meeting. 
  • Teddi. The first thing she talks about is Clayton on the Bachelorette and how she picked him out on that show and wanted him. Kinda immature to me. But Clayton was drawn to her from the intro, as he stated then. He then told her that. They had the first kiss after she asked him if he wanted to propose right then. Kinda extreme. 
  • Kira. Doctor in lingerie uses her stethoscope for his heartbeat, and then SHE goes in for the kiss. It looks like they have no chemistry when kissing. 
  • Eliza is teaching, "can we kiss?" In German. Then he says yes, and they kiss. Looks better than Kira's. But she had to make a move. He did seem more into it than with Kira.
  • The host brought 1st impression rose out. 
  • Melina, a personal trainer, is putting him to work immediately with some jumping shoe device. She's yelling and counting, which is just a lot for me. 
  • Hunter is having him meet the snake. Seems too odd for me as a first impression.
  • He and Cassidy are racing in mini jeeps. She fell over. It's cute because it's almost like a bit of a bumper car date. They kiss. So far, this seems like the most natural first meeting/date and not forced interaction. They bond over her asking about sports teams. 
  • He and Claire play cornhole with wings. After her date was interrupted, she returned to the other girls and said the date felt forced. She beat him, they didn't vibe, and she thought he was too nice. "I would eat him and spit him out." She said she couldn't be with America's sweetheart. Then she says she hates him. She appears drunk. 
  • Mara interrupted Claire's date by lingering and refusing to leave the tailgate setup. She then serves him her homemade sauce. I wouldn't say I like her approach. 
  • Serene (in teal dress) goes to tell Clayton what Claire is saying and specifically that she "hates" him. 
  • Clayton asks to see Claire alone. He confronts her on what he heard she was saying. She says, "I don't hate you… I just feel like we haven't clicked." She is escorted out and sent home. 
  • Afterward, he asks if he can take Genevieve for a chat. 
  • They sit by the fire under a blanket, and she says she hopes Claire didn't make him lose faith. He asks her to tell him about herself. I think he likes her because he sought her out of the crowd and wanted to know about her rather than the other aggressive girls about impressing him. 
  • He says there was someone he was dying to meet, and then the next person they show is Rachel, the flight instructor (assuming that's who he meant since they show her next). They kiss. I definitely feel the chemistry between them. 
  • So far: Teddi, Genevieve, and Rachel, I think, are his faves/first impression runner-ups. Teddi is strictly looking to Clayton, in my opinion, because he liked her before ever knowing her, and she only said cringey things when they met. I think Cassidy and Susie stand a chance... but not the first impression rose.                                                                                  *comes out with rose now*
  • He fucking gave Teddi the rose. She kisses him before he even officially offers it to her. He even said he liked her from the second he saw her PROVING IT'S ALL LOOKS WITH HER!
  • Jill says that because she didn't get any time with him, she feels like she is being sent home along with other girls who didn't get time. *need to go back and make a list of girls who they didn't show the first impression with and compare with who got sent home.

The Girls (in the order they arrive) 

Sarah, 23, NYC. Wealth Management Advisor.
Lyndsey W., 28, Houston, TX. Industrial Sales Representative.
Genevieve, 26, LA. Bartender 
Ency, 28, Burbank, CA. Sales Manager 
Susie, 28, Virginia Beach, VA. Wedding Videographer.  
Claire, 28 (?), Virginia Beach, VA. Spray Tanner. 
Serene, 26, OK City, OK. Elementary School Teacher. 
Teddi, 24, Highland, CA. Surgical Nurse
Tessa, 26, Stamford, CT. HR Specialist 
Lindsay D., 27, Jacksonville, FL. Neonatal Nurse 
Daria (Rose), 24, Baldwin, NY. Law Student.                                      

*Clayton takes a break now to enter the house (against rules) to tell the 11 girls how excited he is already after meeting only them so far*

Kate, 32, Lake Hollywood, CA. Real Estate Agent (def acts older. nips joke)
Sierra, 26, Dallas, TX. Recruiting Coordinator. 
Melina, 27, West Hollywood, CA. Personal Trainer.
Hailey, 26, Orlando, FL. Pediatric Nurse (pickle jar).
Jill, 26, Scituate, RI. Architectural Historian (ex-bf's ashes… you’re done)
Marlena, 30, Virginia Beach, VA.  Former Olympian. 
Jane, 33, LA. Social Media Director.
Rachel, 25, Clermont, FL. Pilot. 
Ivana, 31, Queens, NY. Bar Mitzvah Dancer 😂 (didn’t speak or hug him)
Kira, 32, Philly, PA. Physician. 
Mara, 32, Collingswood, NJ. Entrepreneur.
Rianna, 26, Dallas, TX. Nurse.
Eliza, 25, Berlin, Germany (can she be here?) Marketing Manager. 
Gabby, 30, Denver, CO. ICU Nurse (sit on your face pillow)
Elizabeth, 32, Highlands Ranch, CO. Real Estate Advisor (whip?)
Hunter, 28, Charlotte, NC. HR Specialist (brought a snake)
Samantha, 26, San Diego, CA. Occupational Therapist (came in tub w/ champagne for bubbly personality)
Cassidy, 26, LA. Executive Recruiter. (mini jeep entrance)
Shanae, 29, Sycamore, OH. Recruiter. (truck entrance that hit mini jeep)

Order of Roses: 

Teddi (first impression)
Kira (🥴)
Lyndsey W.

Lindsay D.