Dec. 3, 2022

This Week in Bachelor Nation with Erin Hill

Bachelor in Paradise may have ended two weeks ago, but there has not been a shortage of drama in Bachelor Nation! Jeni and Ellie welcome friend of the podcast, Erin Hill, an expert in all things Bachelor Nation, back to the podcast this week!

The ladies opened with Susie's bold statement to US Weekly about Clayton. Victoria and Greg went on The Viall Files. Johnny went on Almost Famous with Ben and Ashley. Was he sincere or playing it up? Jeni tells the girls how she related to Ben Higgins's book, Alone in Plain Site. They also discuss Aaron and Genevieve's break up and how disappointing Aaron was. Grab your earbuds, and if you are a fan of Bachelor Nation, you will not want to miss this one.


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[Music] I'm Jeni Thomas and I'm her friend
Ellie David we decided to create a podcast that embodies what you would talk about with your closest friends so
sit back and relax and put your headphones in because you're listening to the honestly unfiltered podcast
hello and welcome to another episode of the honestly unfiltered podcast today
Ellie and I have with us the one and only bachelor expert and who we like to call our Bachelor correspondent Aaron
Hill we just jumped right into this one so here we go um so what did you guys I know you want
to cover obviously the reunion and the finale did you want to cover anything else I think we should just talk about
all of the craziness all the craziness you want to start with Susie and Clayton yeah because I didn't
know I don't know about what you're talking about so yeah okay I don't know anything about Susan okay
I don't know either I just found out about it a minute ago yeah so Clayton though was Clayton's season
was win because I've heard it referenced a lot I know a lot of the people on the beach were a part of it right he was
yeah okay so he was the last Bachelor okay Rachel and Gabby came from his season
from his [ __ ] show of a season they were top three right I remember you telling me it was a mess and Susie and Clayton
broke up right before our last podcast yeah okay yeah I broke the news piece
you guys right I was like by the way yes you did that's crazy okay all right so
Aaron okay no no go ahead no I was gonna say Aaron posted something but you could tell because I
have to look it up you can tell it oh so um you mean in my stories right yeah so I think with US Weekly I believe
uh said that Susie quoted Susie as saying it's best to vet someone before you fall
in love with them and then it had a photo of her with Clayton so we can assume she means Clayton so I'm
wondering if like some dirt has come out recently maybe about his past or during
the season or like while Susan he were together I don't know this is like really upsetting to me because I loved
them together and I don't want to feel like it was tarnished in any way would that surprise you guys if
something came out about him not me yeah I mean I just don't know his character
you know I don't know him well at all Carrie and I and my sister we all
covered that season so and it was we were in death my sister had charts
and Powerpoints and we could refer to any kind of anything we had a question for
we could refer to the spreadsheet and she one day went on a deep dive on Tick
Tock and she found these girls they were coming forward and saying that Michelle
had dodged a bullet and that um these girls were in for it because he
was a major fuckboy in Missouri and that he would
you know basically what's the word pump and dump I don't know that sounds terrible but he would
basically yes I was gonna say drop and roll but yeah I like that one
I've heard that before but I don't know where oh that's when you're breast pumping yeah wait a minute
tell me your mom without telling me your mom I like it though it's perfect I like that one
yeah sorry that's a good one though Jenny
good job yeah so um apparently there were these girls that came forward and
they said that they had been in a relationship with him and that he dumped them to go on
The Bachelorette and then they were involved with him in between filming the two seasons and
he apparently he was legendary at the campus when he went to college he was Mr
frat boy and just well but but you know the lifestyle he was the college football player he
then he was a football player so I'm guessing for a lot of athletes you know it kind of goes with the territory
but I took it as okay maybe he's ready to settle down then
you know I'm not surprised the way he carried on with Cassidy in in the episode with Hilary Duff when
he was allowing her to basically dry hump him out at the pool at the kids birthday party
that to me was like I mean even Nick as sexual as Nick is he when the girl in
Miami Corrine was trying to get with him like on camera he was like no you know
like totally backed off I mean especially after what happened with him and Caitlin on camera mic'd up but so
and then the way he carried on with Shanae not letting her go and he like he
you could tell he was just drawn to the party girl and which it so
I I don't care for Clayton I don't know why they made him the bachelor except
for that he's a yes man and I think they figured he'd do what they said and it would be great entertainment I've and I
was really shocked I mean all the three of us were the the finale episode that
we taped I mean when we we we we we recorded it live and we were like you got to be Katie I mean she's going back
with them like this is after all of that and the way he spoke to her
in the finale and the gas litter so I'm wondering if maybe I don't think he
cheated on her but I'm wondering if maybe it's in the way he speaks to her and a little bit of like the Aaron and
Genevieve thing you know the way Aaron communicates a little toxic yeah unfortunately so I left them
together because I love their that's okay uh I loved their tick tocks together that was like I just I loved
them and so I was like yes all in you know on this relationship so I'm sure
Morty will come out especially because of Susie saying that and I'm wondering I mean I may even post something to see if
people you know gravitate and and comment um just to hear
if there's anything it must be really bad if she's Obsession yeah
cause you know they mostly stay so private it's so that's shocking to me
that she's actually speaking out about right yeah no it is definitely I know oh my gosh
there was something I wanted to ask you guys what you thought because it did intrigue me even though I was not a
Jersey Shore Watcher either but out of all of them I always thought Vinnie was super cute like I was the most attracted
to him um but I've seen all this back and forth with Gabby and Vinnie and it's like so
cute do you think it's real oh yeah yeah totally yeah like if that's interesting
the Two Worlds like collab you know I do Ellie you've come such a long way you know you're up on all of this look at
you listen you've gone from just trying to like hang on yeah you've done your
homework if I'm being honest with you there it's hard for me to
get on board with some of it I mean you get kind of hooked just to what's
happening but in the back of my mind I'm going what the hell this is crazy like I
mean you know what I do you know does that make sense you know like it's it's it can be intriguing to watch for sure
but it's like like you were pointing out the the one podcast we did Aaron I'm not sure if it was the last one or the one
before but you were like remember they've only been at the they've only been together for a few days
I started to think like that though which was a little more helpful because I'm like they haven't been together for
weeks even or months you know this is days I think too because this these shows if
you look at any other reality TV show out there you don't have as much off camera
action and drama as you do with Bachelor Nation am I right I mean true right and
I think that you're watching the show but then you're also like okay let me look at their stories let me look at their posts let me see what they're
actually doing and can I kind of like be a you know investigator and like a
detective and figure out you know are they really together still are they you know like that doesn't happen with like
any show maybe Love is Blind maybe maybe something like that you know similar but
not to this extent I feel like Bachelor Nation really just kind of ramps up once
the show is over and once the cameras stop rolling oh yeah and I will say that you've made a really
good points about the age of the contestants or whatever players who are whatever they are but I don't know that
it would work that way with older people well look how boring they wouldn't get the I don't think so you know they
wouldn't have all that behind the scenes in the off-camera I don't think so they'd have some but probably not to
that well you look at like Michelle and Danielle right or Michelle oh my gosh Michael Michael and Danielle
it was pretty boring I mean even and Danielle was on Caitlyn's podcast and she was like yeah I'm not gonna lie like
you guys were so boring but I loved it because you were stable you know we we were could root for you and knew like
everything was gonna be fine plus they were I mean sorry to say but they were actually very protected as well because
they didn't have to go to the week right so you got to look at that as well but because I think of their age like they
wanted to kind of showcase an older relationship without the drama and say look we can do this too see we're not
just all about the babies and the toxicity and all of that right but I feel like that was kind of a huge like
in your face that's your nation like we can do this too so and with Brandon and Serene too like I feel like yes they did
test them but at the end of the day they allowed them to stay together and get
engaged if they didn't want them to be together they wouldn't be together they would have they would have done something that would have just I mean I
know Brandon is like puppy dog like you know I'll never stop loving you like on day two but still if they if the
producers did not want them together they would have either forced them to break up and then they would have gotten together off camera or whatever they
would have dropped Michelle on that beat yes I mean Michelle is single
yeah exactly at least to confuse them or you know something throw a wrench right but they didn't they wanted that
relationship to succeed and they probably knew well of course they knew about Johnny and Victoria and how they
weren't going to stay engaged right so it's it's all very interesting it's literally some
some Hunger Games little [ __ ] for real yeah
like it's insane these people are brave for for going on
these shows they are brave I I yeah I agree yeah you're really yeah you're
really putting yourself out there and you don't know which way it's going to go because public perception of you
you have no control over well you know a few years back I think it was Jaden Tanner season I can't be certain there
was this guy I think his name was Joe from Kentucky and he owned did something with horses he had an accent that was
just to die for and decide I'm I'm a sucker for a southern draw
and he I can't remember the name of the girl he
was waiting for but basically he played it he played it played those women before her like a violin because this
other girl was coming on very late in the season and then he dropped them like a bad habit and he admitted on camera oh
yeah just give me that Rose I gotta get to this because I know who's coming and back then it was very like frowned upon
they didn't know they didn't Talk Amongst each other like they do now so it was this big Scandal I don't even
know where I'm going with this or why but ended up she did up like double-crossing
him and ending up with someone that came after her and he went home and Bachelor
nation has never heard she has not seen or heard from him again and but I guess my point is is that I
don't know they talk why do they don't talk or you know well you're making basically my point which is you don't
know which way it's going to go there you go he he didn't blow up and become Uber huge and Bachelor nation and you
know you never know but also production has a big heavy hand in that they have a
big heavy hand I mean they can give you a good edit right they can give you good at it bad at it yeah go and edit whatever oh yeah I mean uh what's her
face my God I can't even Kate I loved Kate at first and then I was like I do
not like this girl like I think you are a girl yeah you know and then she and then she doubled down at the reunion and
I was like damn like you really do feel that way right like I wasn't even partially judging you that's who you are
so you know but it's interesting because at first I was like oh she is hilarious she's funny she's fun like I remember
you saying yeah and then boy did my opinion change for sure but I do believe
it is how how much they allow the personality to come out and how much you
know because they they could have cut a lot of that stuff out that she said right but they kind of like my CR my
sister in Christ like you know that 13 echo or whatever they had oh my God yeah
yeah my head wanted to explode I'm like really yeah exactly this is the brand you're representing so yeah I I just I
feel like if we don't give production that kind of credit you know we're really kind of deceiving ourselves because they really
do have all the power here they have all absolutely power
definitely I can see that they will bring in if they have to they will bring in someone from middle school that you
had a question screwed over called the racial slur something to stir the drama like I was five years old well you're
still a bigot do racist piece of chat
they have no boundaries they have no like morals I mean it's just you know they're making good TV but I mean I
guess if you're going into this you know that I mean you don't know how it feels is the thing so a lot of people going
into it probably are like yeah we get it but do you you know until you're actually your ass is handed to you and
you're like oh damn you know so and you can hear it like I I listen to those two
podcasts Jenny right before we came on yeah Almost Famous and you hear it in
their voices it really did I'm glad I listened and I'm really going to try to listen to more podcasts like I was
saying last time because it it gave me a totally different perspective especially with Johnny yeah
I love Ben Higgins his voice I need to listen to him more because his voice his voice is so soothing they were really
good both of them yeah I don't I'm not sure who is who from what whatever but
they were they were good podcasters Ben's voice in person is even just like
butter like it's just butter and the way he just like looks at people like he's such a good human you guys like he's
like it makes me want to cry like I feel like he's like the big brother like to oh that you've always wanted you know
yeah for sure he was acting like that with Johnny too especially you know really you could tell he could feel like
his pain and yeah you know it it definitely changed my perspective a
little bit I read his book and it was life-changing yes his book's incredible yeah I'll have to give it to you to read
yeah I was I was part of his publicity team for that book and so I I did a
podcast on it and yeah it was really fun um but I was just so proud of him it had
to be such a hard book for him to write so vulnerable and it had to it's so beautiful I cried several times reading
it right I mean it's so me too me too wow I listened to the audiobook and it
was in hearing it in his voice it was just oh yeah amazed I mean the things
you would not believe the things that he told that happened in his life and and it you know it reminds he remember
the stories the stories that he tells in the beginning about not being picked in
kindergarten on a team and how that stayed with him his entire life I was like oh my God that's me right there oh
yeah but then his stories about being an only child that reminded me a lot of
what he said reminded me of my son and I made him listen to it and he was like wow his
when when Ashton when I got that book out Ellie Ashton was in that really dark
depressive place and that really pulled him out oh my gosh did you tell Ben that
I wrote him and he and I sent him an email yes I did and he responded to me I couldn't believe it oh yeah he he that
yeah he lives for things like he thanked me yeah I'd love to have him on the podcast just to talk yeah I was gonna
say let's get him on our podcast no just reach out to him honestly he is
like the sweetest human seriously and I I just we'll be like that's amazing we'll just we'll just drop some air
um interview is his mom his mom wrote a beautiful book and we and I was CR I was
crying like the entire interview I mean she is just the most incredible she was so vulnerable I was just talking about
depression she was talking about divorce she was talking about loss of children like unbelievable I mean I was not
prepared for all that was her Amy Amy is incredible Amy shout out to Amy Higgins
she is I still can like remember every word of that of that what's the name of our book
I can't remember the name of her book though right so yeah yes um but I believe it's a book or like a
like a um a maybe a blog like something and maybe that's why I can't remember the name of it but I feel like it was
some collection of just stories or poems or just just really heartfelt beautiful
and just her philosophy is just like eye-opening and just a beautiful way to
look at life seriously like incredible what she's come through and and her amazing just positivity but look at Ben
I mean she is he is her child like it's just they're incredible both of them but I
could go on and on she's amazing wow I have to look it up yeah I've noticed like he the way he talks about he wasn't
supposed to be an only child it's it's so relatable like my son was not supposed to be an only child but
I couldn't have anymore because I would have died so yeah yeah you would love her story totally related with
everything he said in that absolutely yeah no he's incredible um I I'm still though and maybe you guys
can convince me because I'm still on the fence about Johnny and who he is as a
person and so here's what doesn't sit well with me okay I am oh oh good okay okay I didn't
know if you guys were teamed but but listening to that gave me just a little bit more softness
because prior I was like you freaking okay so tell me to tell me why listening
to tell me why because I think so I thought why why it softened me
so I think just listening I felt like I heard some real pain
now that pain might not be because he was in love with her necessarily I don't I don't really buy it you know I just
don't I think he was forcing it I don't think he was maybe
part of me just wants to think that he wanted it to develop into something but
he wasn't ready but the only way to push it forward and stay to the end was to go
through with it but I think he had feelings for her I think he was super attracted to her I think he hoped something would develop I think she did
too but the reality is that he's he's a liar on that podcast you
know they really didn't press him and maybe that's because Ben is who Ben is
like you're describing him and he can relate to him so he didn't want to you know put but I was waiting to hear okay
you told her you owned a bar dude and you don't even have a job exactly like why are we not talking about this you
know that's a big thing to lie about when you're talking about engagement this is not no so but I mean yeah he was
he just turned 26. I get it you know but it's like on the show his byline his
real estate agent that was the other thing he said he wants to get into real estate that
doesn't make him he is I did look him up he's I did look him up he's with he was
with compass so he's like Tampa okay he's got a page he's licensed he hasn't
been whether he's still with them or not I'm licensed with a agency it doesn't mean I'm actively being a real estate
right yeah but why not say that I don't know I want to say that though exactly nothing listen it did not change
my mind it just made me be a little more empathetic too okay you're in this
situation I guess I'm empathetic to most of them except for Aaron well present company excluded you know
but you know I'm more empathetic than I was before diving into this that's
interesting yeah you know because and I thought of you a lot Aaron because you had said that to me like you got to
remember these are they're young and they're in this crazy environment and so it did give me some empathy but yeah no
he's a straight up liar I think is strange because For the First
Time Jesse or the show or whatever was allowing people to leave together
right you don't have to get you don't have to break up like last year Noah and Abigail were forced to break up they
literally had to for yeah they faked a breakup because production said if
you're not going to engage get the [ __ ] out you got to break up you're done right and they went on separate fans and everything right this year this season
they allow couples to stay together why why wouldn't Johnny and Victoria
just leave together and try to work things out she wanted an engagement exactly so Johnny was like okay I'm
gonna lose her if I don't propose which is the worst reason to ever propose absolutely yeah
yeah that's why totally you know what do you oh go ahead Jen
Johnny Okay so I will say Johnny's a Jersey Boy and I
tend to be attracted to them because they're from where I it's where I grew up so he has that elusive bad boy
quality I can see why Gabby was attracted I could see why Victoria was attracted oh yeah you know
the lying thing I think Johnny is in a transition period in his life trying to
figure out what he wants to be when he grows up now he's going to be a rapper I don't know now and then at first it was
Victoria was helping him with a rapping career now he's going back to paramedic school
Whatever It Is He he'll figure it out but and and I can understand okay you're
on national TV maybe I lied because the cameras are rolling but
to you know just to go from you own it to managing it to you're not even working there anymore is a lot and then
you're acting like a high-profile real estate agent on because on The Bachelorette he was a real estate agent
there was no talk of being a bar manager or whatever he you know he reminds me of a guy that
someone I know used to date and this guy was really Charming
and he was also very narcissistic and he
would and when when it came out that he called Victoria to
see you next Tuesday word I was like okay yes he is just like him
because this guy was he used to be verbally abusive to my friend
to the point of I'd be on the phone with them trying to to reason with them and he'd be like he would say things to like
try to like totally um like cut you down in the moment like when he wasn't getting his way and I
remember this one time this guy was like your podcast sucks and hung up on me and I'm like okay what's your opinions I
guess that was your way to hurt my feelings all right [Music]
yeah but in the beginning of their relationship he do he like sent flowers every day
because they had a distance and he'd love bombing diamond earrings all sorts of gifts oh you want coffee it would be
sent from Uber wherever and it was so it was oh my God he's Prince Charming and
yes and then when you get into it he's just abusive [ __ ] I'm not wondering if that's what Victoria didn't uncover
uh Johnny I feel like played the Martyr on Ben's podcast and Ben and Ashley's podcast I don't
know you know part of me felt sorry for him but part of me was like is he is he
not elaborating because he's wrong I mean I feel like I could see the scene she
got mad because he was being a jerk through a wine glass at him and then he you know started calling Royal sorts of
names like is Johnny that abusive boyfriend well makes you wonder and and the whole point of of him saying you
know they're watching the show back right they're watching Paradise background of Gabby season right they're watching Gabby season back
I believe and he's like gossip I only had facial hair on Gabby's season yeah they would have made me The Bachelor and
she's like you're out of your ever loving mind dude like that would never have happened you're not who they'd want for these reasons no I was gonna ask
about that this whole like he's saying that's what was causing some problems and she said the same thing what the
hell so they were just sitting around fighting about his season on the back yeah well and I think it was hard for her because he's she saw him with Gabby
and the world was seeing him with Gabby because he made it so far right he was top three
so that's that was difficult for her for Victoria because she wanted to be the
girl in his life but I'm like well you kind of got to realize that like your show hasn't even aired yet like you I
mean you're not new to this like you know the timelines you know what I mean you know like how long production takes
and all that stuff so I don't know I just thought that was kind of odd for her to say but to me I'm sure especially
because to me to me I would have taken it as a compliment oh he wasn't ready to marry
Gabby but maybe he's right but he was ready to marry me so it's you know he was obviously wasn't
in love with Gabby's how I took it and you could see that her on Gabby's face when they were in paradise and
it was pointed out that Victoria and Johnny were the strong couple and we're probably going to get engaged and
Victoria and Gabby was like um really you know interesting interesting yeah but Gabby has had that you know I'm not
good enough like she's she has that ingrained in her um because of her mom which I can relate
I definitely have that ingredient right me too so yeah we can relate to that so that I'm sure that's where that comes
from which is you know it's sad to see but you know that's where it came from which was what a hard thing to be doing
then when you feel that way you know I mean that just makes it so much more challenging now do you feel like
I'm still a little on the fence with Victoria too I do feel like it was more him than her but what is the deal with
her and Greg I mean what um so did you it's and I think they were I think they
were pretty honest about it I think they were trying at something and it wasn't
happening and he didn't want to go to paradise she did he had another relationship I really but buy all of
that yeah so I don't think I think she was wide open to the possibility of
something else but I honestly think kind of the minute she realized that this was no bueno she started thinking about it
of course yes in the back of her head she always was thinking about because they both expressed interest before she
went on Paradise and then Greg even admit like oh I was hoping Victoria would come home single from Paradise
then when she came home engaged she was like I was devastated you know I was devastated so that was interesting to
hear I feel like but I think that the problem one I have and I don't know if you guys would agree or not but the
first word almost literally the first word out of Greg's mouth was rekindled
yeah yeah I was like right and then he corrected himself right but like you
don't want us to believe anything was really happening but now you just said rekindled like kindled again right like
we know what that means so I and you could see her kind of look at him and then on Nick's podcast when that was
brought up and it was brought up again almost immediately uh Victoria's like yeah you had to say that or you know
like she knew that was a horrible yeah choice right so yeah yeah yeah
but I think at the end of the day if Nick
is speaking out about in defense of Victoria
because Nick will tell you if you're wrong saying that there's another side that we
really don't know of and Johnny will not go on Nick's podcast because he knows he
will be put to shreds and called out oh yeah then there's a lot that didn't
happen and Johnny at the end of the day is probably not a nice guy I I agree I agree with that I agree I think so too
yeah I think that he probably he's definitely scared to death it sounded to me like he really doesn't
intend on doing much else other than that right Almost Famous but like you
said he wants to play the Martyr and he wants to get he wants to get all the um you know that the he has an agent he's
not even verified on Instagram and he has an agent wow like seriously
so this is definitely a narcissist he wants to get he wants to get famous and sit on his ass and Surf and try to make
money from stuff and and if that's what you want to do own it there's so many
people out there who are owning that like don't pretend to be someone you're not and especially don't lie about who
you are to someone that probably did truly love you on some level you know I'm sure she on some level loved him and
why would she say you know yes to the proposal if she didn't so I just and let's talk about this why does someone
who's in no position to get engaged or married go on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise when that's the
expectation exactly or why would they want to be the best exactly he would be a horrible staffer because you have no
idea getting engaged to any of these women
and what has happened with Bachelor production that they are not vetting
these guys like I know in the past these guys that they've brought on are usually pretty stable in their
careers I mean look at what we've had to draw from you know Jason tardick Nick Ben several others
what we've gone from okay Johnny who's unemployed and but they're saying he's a
real estate agent and uh apparently Logan is a dog walker Uber driver or
something like that I mean or they said no they said Logan's a dog walker but
then Jill made a comment that Jacob over on the other coast of Florida was an
Uber driver but he says he's some sort of mortgage officer right so like are they lying about like
could they not find anybody to go on the show seriously oh I think I think they're struggling with people to come on the show because look at what happens
post show all the mental health issues they don't make it they're even destroying their own leads now like of
course they're gonna destroy you in a heartbeat not even think about it you know so what's gonna what happens then
is you're only going to attract people who want to be on the show for exposure you're not going to attract people who
have good hearts and actually have intention of marrying someone or getting engaged or having even like a steady
stable relationship you're gonna get the players you're gonna get the people that just want the fame they're Fame hungry so unfortunately that might be the
demise of the franchise to be honest yeah yeah because who's going to want to risk it I mean especially if they have a
job that they don't want to risk their jobs their careers for yeah yeah so it's it's not yeah they're gonna have to turn
the table somehow if they want to survive it I yeah I'm not sure how like you said the
age the age will help you know right um the age would be I've always said they should not have a lead under 30.
I mean maybe 29 if we're talking about a really really you know uh like yeah yeah
seriously and just like really focused on you know the future but I I've always
said that I've always said that and now you know we have that coming up Zach is fairly young isn't he
yeah 25 26 I think yeah I mean you should not as a dating coach if you came
to me and you're that age I'd say get your ass out there get a roster have the time of your life and find the love of
your life by 30. you have so much time you know do you have a career do you
have this you have all your ducks in a row I'm gonna bet you don't you know you may even need more therapy on yourself
before you even get out there which most of them do and don't do that so then
that is why their mental health is just comes crashing down they don't have that stable Foundation that you absolutely
need when people come inside of my DMs and they're like I want to be on the show I want to you know brother I I
almost always tell them no you don't and this is why you know I don't think I've
ever suggested anybody to actually go on the show unless they are literally telling me you
know they've got all these things just right you know I've been in therapy for years I've I'm I love myself like you
know what I mean like those are core things they fit the crazy yeah that you need to have and and honestly they're
not even gonna let you on the show because you have all of them I know you're too stable I don't know
how Ben Higgins got on that show I really don't that that was golden the Golden days it's not like that anymore
and the thing of it is is everybody is saying the same thing but they keep watching so I mean they they just keep
forgotten's foreign it's like a car accident you can't look away it's an obsession it's it's a for me it's a hope
it's a hope that it will change but I do feel like I'm enabling you know
being an enabler yeah right I mean my whole account well most of it is very much Bachelor focused but that's why I
post things about Trista and Ben and you know Sean like yes I post like the beautiful love stories that have come
from the show like maybe they wouldn't have met if they went for the show so I try to focus on that not like all the
drama I mean yes I do pull the drama in here and there but I mean the Gabby and Vinnie stuff is just too good you can't
you can't not oh gosh no you can't not but I mean for her to go on like
national news you know stations and and interviews and say hell yeah I date this
guy I need to pick me up like are you kidding me like I think they're probably already dating like how could they not
oh totally yeah oh yeah hookup buddies whatever but they but they've had you know I'm sure they have
spent quality time together whatever that means especially oh yeah especially
you know shooting Dancing with the Stars yeah exactly and now there's rumors that she's with Alan have you guys heard this
Hannah's ex partner on Dancing With the Stars that Gabby is so a lot of people on tips
I thought she was she's not with Vinnie well I mean we don't know we don't we don't know for sure I mean I'm manifesting that I want that so badly
because they're just so cute together but me too but Alan so there's these Tick Tock accounts that say that Alan is
like always in the back kind of like you know he's kind of like behind the scenes if you will while
while she's like getting her hair done or like getting her nails done kind of like what a boyfriend how a
boyfriend would be you know what I mean and they think maybe Vinnie is just kind of covering for that covering but why I
mean Alan's single right so like what's the big deal if like she and Alan got together so maybe it was something that
developed while she was still with oh what's his name you know and they're
trying to cover it yeah with Eric and that's the reason why she broke it off because they were happy until they
weren't yeah and she still has all the like happy photos of them together on her feed it's really interesting usually
they just like take all that really strange they just hate that and then uh Jill and Jacob no longer together they
that was just like a yeah fizzle you know quick fizzle did you see his statement on Instagram today
it was really heartfelt I actually commented on it and told it let me get it it was it was very I I
like it made me cry oh my gosh um and I did and he's not what I care for and I don't care I don't cry very easily
um he comes off very vapid and very conceited and probably really nice
I'm kind of aloof to me like I don't know I don't know
but she kind of did too so I thought that their personalities I I love her
that's what he said she's awesome work together she would be a killer Bachelorette she would be so fun to
watch oh I think yeah yeah yeah I could get down with that I know game of roses
all right is uh lobbying for Jill for bassarets she would it would be very it would
probably be a better lot better than what I've seen in the previews that Zach has gone oh God Lord help us
I haven't seen anything I'll have to look into the the next one when does that start January 18th oh okay see it's
close close all right here's what Jacob said you were the right person at the wrong
time you gave a hundred percent well I gave 80 you pushed me to look for quality work changed my schedule and
focus on my family instead of hollow relationships you asked for better communication while I was lacking you
showed up when I didn't trust was lost yes distance was a big factor for me being 2 000 miles away comes with its
Sheriff challenges but that wasn't the main reason it was regardless it it was Readiness of
commitment I appreciate you making me recognize this at the cost of you trying
to make it work we had talked before the reunion and we were both open to give it a go at
the reunion I wanted to show you a glorious moment to somehow undo the pain I caused in Mexico
but it isn't about the big moments it's about the little things it wasn't I wasn't there to give you my whole heart
because of my insecurities I have a lot of refinement to do before I can mentally and spiritually be there you
deserve to be loved right now I deserve to be alone Jill good luck on your journey Angel
wow I want to repost that is that a post or a story it's a pose so you can post it I said
I said um I responded I said to it I said you have much more death than you
let on don't wait till it's lit don't wait until it's too late to let someone in Jacob beautiful
absolutely and what a refreshing like honest self like deprecating you know it's so
nice to hear and especially you know from a young guy it's like at least he was willing to
take responsibility you know I was like Johnny are you oh thank you like
I can forgive you I mean you're a young these are young people you know it's like with Johnny if Johnny would have
just said look I lied I was under all this pressure I panicked I you know I
didn't know I just got all wrapped up in it I'm just so overwhelmed whatever I could have totally gotten on board with
that and that's why I appreciated what Victoria said on Nick's podcast because I did feel like she did take
accountability don't you think and that she really was like I'm No Angel I made mistakes I you know slipped up I said
things I shouldn't have a lot and even like what I was bothered by most was on the reunion her attitude I'm just like
if y'all don't like me I could care less like [ __ ] you like no no you don't talk to your fans and people that have
rallied for you for years like that and she recognized that she was like that
was wrong of me I wish I could take that back I regret acting that way that I do
care I love my fans I I really appreciate you supporting me like please know that and I'm so sorry that that is
like okay cool we're good we cool you know what I mean it's all good yeah yeah
absolutely I'm like okay because I can imagine you get in that I'm sure she was Defensive you know and
that can cause you to just react in a big way you know when you feel like you're being attacked you know and that
is the one thing that I think Johnny did say about
um they both came out like swinging at each other and that and he did say
that it she was very upset that it went that way and so was he is what he said
you know so it wasn't their intention so yeah I think they just got swept up in the whole reunion well I understand
you know if somebody calls you a name like that you know words do hurt and
that is something that you really can't take back I mean that is that is no that's a soul-crushing thing to be
called you know what I mean especially if you have insecurities around that and whatever and for him to say oh uh I said
you were being one not that you are one like I'm sorry is this the Bill Clinton you know what is is or you know whatever
that was like yeah no no no like you said that you need to own that and say I
should never have called you that I will never call you that again or any other woman for that matter but to say that
you have British friends and that it's not a big deal in Britain
disgusting no yeah that really really sat badly with me but is it that shows
his character 100 and is it fast that you know um that Greg is visiting Victoria in
Nashville and they're moving in together you know and and she's met his family and he's met her fam or he's going to
meet her family for Christmas or spending Christmas together cares like if she was in a toxic
relationship and she didn't want to stay in it and she had a spark with someone prior I would have done the same thing
yeah absolutely and she's built a foundation with Greg prior to this so I
don't think they were friends first before and I really think he saw Victoria as his meal dick John yeah
yeah yeah yeah oh she's she's got what I mean she's way up there in followers she's got huge
brand deals she has she has a she's a household name Ambassador Nation Peters
Peter's okay yeah yeah that's right she dated Chase right not Chase Rice it was
yes Chase Rice yeah yeah okay so you know I mean she doesn't have a beautiful
past but if she's learning to admit her wrongs and saying that she wants to grow
and be better like who are we to say that you know she can't do that so
to me she's not the same girl that was on Peter's season I I don't I don't know if she's had lots of therapy or PR
coaching or what but she is not the same I agree well she's older now right how many years has that been five no no no
uh Peter's season was 20 20.
yeah just two years but you know a lot can happen in tears plus the pandemic you know I think the pandemic changed a
lot of people so I oh yeah I don't know I I want to give her more of a benefit of the doubt and I do think that she was
pretty raw and honest they didn't I feel like Johnny kind of dodged some questions they really didn't they answered pretty much every single thing
now granted it's Nick they're friends with him I'm sure he gave them the
questions prior because you know they he did that for Greg's interview right after Katie season right
no I did not know he prepped Greg I mean remember because Greg was like
the villain of Katie season right so he prepped Greg with every single question
because you listen to that interview and you're just like literally it sounds like he's reading off a page and and that and that was
what solidified my thoughts of him plus his ex had contacted me and verified
everything that I needed to know anyway about him so that's again why I'm just
like I'm not going to be team Greg and Victoria I mean I'm happy for them but I'm not I'm not you're I'm not that
cheerleader like I'm not going to be her you know I noticed that he was not when
she was speaking he was looking away he was he looked very bored he was like looking around and you know he was not
I felt like he wasn't like I don't know if he wasn't focused
because I watched it on YouTube instead so when you get a chance go back
and watch it like he was completely like just aloof like she he she would be
speaking and he would be you know with his head to the side just kind of look at the ceiling and kind of bored looking
like he didn't want to be I mean they say that they're each other's people you know and if they are
maybe he just didn't want to maybe he just didn't want to rehash everything oh I'm sure he was very nervous yeah he he
was yeah he was very uncomfortable but he knew that it just needed to be done and I guess she tried to get out of it
last minute and uh Greg's like no we we have to do this like we have to answer these
questions like it's out there we owe our fans that we owe people that support us that sorry if you want to keep up with
your endorsement deals yeah I mean like right whatever it is yeah I mean
it's just it was a necessity and so he was like no you're you're going so what I just told um Jenny is that uh Victoria tried to
get out of the Nick interview like last minute
I don't know if she heard me she's fine all hell is breaking loose in my house my husband just got home came in the
door the camera's pointing right at him he's half naked he's walking by me I see
half of his butt and then he starts to come back and I'm like
he doesn't know that Aaron's here he thinks it's just me and Jenny he's not even when she's naked but nobody wants
to see it I finally get him out hey maybe we can
make some money yeah I'm pointing the camera over at the room besides room I do not want you to see everything has
gone to die and then he's like sorry I just wanted shorts and then here comes my cat just
bubbles my my son has done that before just like dropped trowel walked right
across the screen yeah and I'm just like and you know he said he just got off like a cut off shirt you know you see
everything I'm just like oh my God that's not happening I just had to do that little thing up here I was like
please yeah that would have been easier for me to just
oh you're shocked right you're like what's happening what's happening I'm like
oh my god um but yeah anyway that that was like my
takeaway from um from that interview I'm really glad that they did do one but you're right Johnny is never going on Nick's podcast
uh never yeah because I think he has a lot to hide to be honest I really do I
feel like oh totally or do we want to talk about Aaron and
Genevieve yeah I do at least I know seven minutes
okay this is [ __ ] [ __ ] this guy I I called him a douche canoe I guess
that's the best I can come up with I mean is he the only one guilty of being
there for the wrong reasons we've clearly covered the fact that he's not okay but to go to the links that he went
to I love you and you know that very last day the way he broke up with her so
dismissive it was horrible he was a toxic yeah yeah he was toxic
and mean and I mean what a not a good human I mean I
just I hope they don't associate with him anymore that's about all I can say right now I'm
shocked because I've always heard good things about it yeah same and and his friends James is a doll he's an absolute
doll um Andrew I mean all of his friends are such great guys so I'm like oh what
happened you know and it was awful and apparently he was dated he had two girls waiting for him
at home and that's why he broke it up I guess so yeah at all that does not surprise me at all no and again it
wouldn't surprise me for any of them because clearly we've covered the fact that there's people there for the wrong
reasons blah blah blah but that was like sociopath level
[ __ ] that he was pulling on her I mean in my opinion it's like what in the why
did you have to go that far especially since I think she probably would have ended up being happy with Justin maybe
possibly I don't know so so on Almost Famous I haven't listened to all of it yet but she was I haven't listened to
the entire thing yeah okay yes right she was talking about how she could have handled things differently with Justin but she did say she wished that she had
left that second fight that she and Aaron had and she regrets yeah after that fight
oh I'm sure she does how humiliating yeah that this was you know because so
much of what yeah so much of what they showed of them was this awful you know
the fighting and the you know that was ridiculous he always has to be
right that's his problem oh my God my head wanted to explode every time he would open his mouth I'm like oh my God
man's playing much shut up like gaslighting but yeah he's a gaslighter
very toxic very toxic for sure yeah I and I know you guys like
Genevieve I haven't spoken to her I don't really know her on like a personal level or anything but do you think that
she had any like do you think how she handled things was good on her end like
how do you feel about that well I think no I and I've never spoken
to her on like like on podcasts or you know we've communicated a little bit you know
during Clayton season in a like message um I think that you know she left
Clayton season because she was afraid to open up I uh that being said I think she's a I think she I think she's a good
judge of character with her intuition and she knew better than to open up with Clayton interesting now I did feel like
she was a little crazy and I say that Loosely I don't like to use that word okay let's say this she was a little
intense with intents with Justin in the beginning like when they first got there
she was ready to couple up and get engaged and I was like look I've been here a day you know and it scared of
myself and he was like yeah and he was like well I just want to play the field and that's what she should have been
doing yes absolutely now granted were they communicating beforehand I don't know but you know she did say that he
Aaron was very affectionate to her and that's what she wanted and I could see that
I think it was it just took such a bad turn but I you know at the end she said
she'll never do another one oh yeah I I think at the end of the day I feel bad for her because
um I think she is someone that's been hurt a lot in her life and this just didn't go well
I agree with that I think she's genuinely looking for love but yeah she definitely it kind of came off a little
desperate to me like she's so young there's no reason for her to feel desperately
yeah a minute she's beautiful she has a lot to offer she's I think she has a great personality you know I think that
yeah he brought out the worst in her for sure um but I especially was she the one on
Clayton season then Jenny who refused to open up to the therapist in
the session yes yes that's what I thought I I yeah I forgot so they had
like a Therapy Group date which is always ridiculous and she was the one girl who wouldn't talk to the therapist
and I thought oh there's some stuff there that she definitely should be talking to a therapist about because it triggered her yeah yeah yes yeah and
well maybe she's done some work because she didn't seem to be a little more like verbal about her emotions is
probably why right that's probably why but hopefully I find it interesting that her she's roommates with Rachel yes
that's right yes that's such a like odd coupling I like a friends like I would
have never thought that those two would have ended up like living together in an apartment no not at all I really thought
Rachel and Michelle were living together because they kept doing tick tocks together and so yeah I think that's who her new roommate was but and I'm
actually shocked that Rachel is in California because it was she was so adamant whoever she was with had to move
to Florida right right yeah I guess she was able to get a transfer or something but yeah it's kind of wild I'm trying to
think what else yeah I don't know reunion that kind of second I was upset that um Jessenia and Andrew and NC
didn't have their time to kind of discuss what happened with them um yeah right and and I think they
invited Teddy to the reunion and she said fu I'm not going back to that show right
because you saw her post when she left that post that she had that kind of said it all
um but yeah I don't I think that they invite her and she's like no way in hell I'm coming
I will not to change couples but I I cried
um when Michael and Danielle got together it was beautiful
it was beautiful and I I you know
it's not Serena is it Serena or Serene okay
no the one that Michael was with before her for the day oh for the day Sierra
she is she's talking out saying that and mad because she said that Danielle
bad-mouthed her and her and Caitlyn badmouth are on the podcast without saying her name
and I listen to that podcast and they just didn't use her name which I thought was very dismissive and rude because I
think that I mean come on as a podcaster like if you're going to talk about someone you probably should know their name I would never say like I know I
said what's her name when I couldn't remember that yeah I said Kate you know but to say like oh well you know he was
with what's her name that's not okay like I do not condone no that that is very dismissive and very rude I think
that Sierra actually handled the reunion with Grace a lot of great yes I mean she she bit
her tongue She was gonna say something she didn't she was just like look how happy they are and she even said she's like my god look how cute they are like
they the camera caught her saying that so I was like you know what girl even if that was fake good on you because that
is the epitome of Grace and just having dignity you know about yourself like she
could have stooped and she did not so even though she was throwing shade prior I think that the reunion kind of cleared
that up a little bit more I do too and then their interview was probably okay
being with us again Easter sleep I know we have no Bachelor right
any show we will catch up again soon yeah for sure we're gonna keep it going
YouTube take care bye bye oh thank you
it's always a fun time when she comes isn't it I love talking to her it's like uh YouTube I don't know her
energy is just really good and she always surprises me like she'll she always says something
that I'm like oh I didn't I didn't think I'd hear that from you Aaron like like something sexy or like I don't know I
don't know I think it's one of those things where just getting to know somebody that from like a social media
perspective or something you think one thing and then you're just getting to know them and it's like no you're a
really cool person it's cool yeah she's just a lot of a lot of layers there she's got great judgment I think and
perspective on people on people's personalities and she's helping me to
because especially in this world boy they're not shed the in the greatest
light you know and so she's got really good perspectives and but it did again
it helped to listen to some of the podcast stuff a lot like if I'm gonna watch anything
in the future definitely have to do the behind the scenes stuff because just watching what they're putting out it's a
hellscape it's like you almost have to it's like you have to do your homework like it's like a project you know no
seriously like and and you know Aaron I feel like she brings this like I could I feel like
like I could be like oh you know she's like oh and I said about Sierra Throwing Shade and this and then
she's like yeah but and she gives you this very you know clear explanation and
it's like oh [ __ ] I shouldn't have thrown that shade well you know it's like I don't know
what the different ways to look at things and some of the people that she's actually met and gotten to know
that's a whole nother level you know but it's cool that would be so cool I would
be so like that would be my bucket list yeah I I could see we need to try to yeah I mean I know you are trying but
I'm just saying like that was a good tip that she gave today about Ben's mom
you know we need to look into her book or whatever it was and that might be a way to
get in I said we can focus on them can't get in with the Stars we'll get it with the parents wait moms love parents
dads too
all right well I guess we should wrap it up now um
it's getting late and well tomorrow we have big guests coming up we have a big we have a big
um thing coming we'll surprise you with it uh that sounds stupid
yeah well just a big guess yeah important guys yeah we have a really big guest that we've we've been looking
forward to for quite some time so very interesting I'm sure very interesting
and these episodes will pose very close together so um they may be out around like within a day
of each other so oh yeah I'm babbling now no you're doing good and you're doing good we're gonna wrap this up
um you know stay tuned folks yeah check out our website buy our merch honestly on
fire merch we are our podcast episodes are on YouTube right now
uh starting to appear on YouTube so check out our Channel there
they're not our video they're not they're not our I'm not using our video because on a lot of them we haven't been
camera ready but I do have like it's like just you know video stuff with our
words in the background but so if you're a person that wants to put it on your TV and doesn't like want something in your
ears you know you could always check it out there too or if you don't have a podcast favorite apps I don't know my husband he he I can't get him on board
with podcasts but he loves the YouTube stuff and see that's why yeah his guys that he
love because he's a computer nerd so like it's it's not really podcasting but
it is it is but it's on that subject um and just about building computers and
the different stuff and Technologies but that he is obsessed with the YouTube
thing I would I watched Nick on YouTube I would prefer to watch it I I really would too I mean I have tried to start
like I I watched Victoria's interview on YouTube because I wanted to see it me too so
yeah I'm down we just have to be camera ready we have to be yeah so
tomorrow with Dr Lee will be yeah camera ready so we'll put that one yeah I don't
think we can be showing up all busted in front of Dr Lee oh hell no I'm not like
I want to do now I got no makeup on my face I told you this is a whole lies
smoking mirrors people it was at least you've got smoking
mirrors I didn't even know it was bad I came barreling in here from work sweating from head to I mean it was it
was so bad it was so bad so don't feel and so I threw on a baseball cap and I
was like oh no that was of course we'll be fine we'll be okay tomorrow
all right folks thank you for listening hopefully we'll have more juicy gossip
with Aaron as as uh The Bachelor starts era the Airing which has been about a month from now I
mean I'm committed to watching I'm committed to watching that because now I've watched Bachelor in Paradise it
sucks you in and now I have to watch a season of The Bachelor to see what I think I'm not promising anything after
that but you know because it it does suck you
in but it yeah I just don't know I don't know I would I because you beat the people and then they're on the other
show and they connect them that's probably why they do it but so our invested the one more time we'll see how
it goes you know yeah we'll check it out we'll see now just to talk to Aaron it's worth doing
it so true I love first perspective as we just said all right folks stay tuned got lots
of things coming up yep bye foreign
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