Jan. 22, 2023

Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean

Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean

In this episode of The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast, Jeni and Ellie read and laugh about some of the ridiculous comments left by trolls on TikTok who despise Harry and Megan. They also discuss Jeni's upcoming surgery and her anxieties around it. The ladies also discuss Todd and Julie Chrisley's sentence as they reported to prison earlier this week. Jeni and Ellie also discuss Lamar Odom's recent TMZ Interview on Hulu, Sex, Drugs, and The Kardashians and what motives may have been behind it. The girls also discuss Alec Baldwin being charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for the shooting on the set of the movie Rust (This podcast was recorded before it was announced that charges will not be filed).

They also give a preview of what is to come for the podcast in the coming weeks.

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