Nov. 5, 2022

An Unfiltered Bachelor In Paradise Recap with Erin Hill

An Unfiltered Bachelor In Paradise Recap with Erin Hill
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In this episode of The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast, Erin Hill is back to help Jeni and Ellie unpack this season of Bachelor In Paradise from "First Sand" (thank you Game of Roses) to that epic fight on the beach between Genevieve and Aaron.

Bachelor in Paradise has been nothing short of eventful this season. There have been so many couple changes it has been hard to keep up! Erin Hill helps Jeni and Ellie unpack all of it! They start discussing Michael, Sierra, and Danielle. We cannot forget the Rodney, Lace, and Eliza love triangle or the Jacob, Jill, Kate, and Logan love square. And how about that epic fight between Aaron and Genevieve? This is just the tip of the iceberg! Listen along as the ladies break it all down... Honestly Unfiltered, of course!


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Erin HillProfile Photo

Erin Hill

Certified Sleep Coach/Dating Coach/Casting Director

Erin, wife and mom of 2, is a certified sleep coach whose true passion is helping parents reclaim their lives through better sleep! In addition, she is a dating/relationship coach and a casting Director for a new reality tv dating series called TaleDate! She offers free phone consults; just slide into her DMs and get the help you need! On a personal note, she has a huge sweet tooth and admits to an addiction to Crumbl cookies and Stella sweet wine.