Nov. 14, 2022

Luckiest Girl Alive

In this episode of The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast, Jeni and Ellie discuss The Netflix movie Luckiest Girl Alive starring Mila Kunis.

Jeni and Ellie catch up on their week. They also discuss their plan to try and purchase tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. The girls also touch on Tell Me Lies which they are both watching on Hulu. At 34 minutes into the episode, they discuss Luckiest Girl Alive. Jeni and Ellie discuss how the movie affected them and share experiences that happened to them when they were young. Ellie shares conversations that she has with her girls to keep them safe, and Jeni shares conversations that she has with her son regarding boundaries with girls.

(Trigger warning, this conversation involves eating disorders, school shootings, and sexual assault)

Luckiest Girl Alive is a 2022 mystery thriller film directed by Mike Barker from a screenplay by Jessica Knoll, based on her 2015 novel of the same name. The film stars Mila Kunis, Finn Wittrock, Scoot McNairy, Chiara Aurelia, Justine Lupe, Thomas Barbusca, Jennifer Beals, and Connie Britton.

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[Music] I'm Jenny Thomas and I'm her friend
Ellie David we decided to create a podcast that embodies what you would talk about with your closest friends so
sit back and relax and put your headphones in because you're listening to the honestly unfiltered podcast
hello and welcome to another episode of the honestly unfiltered podcast
I am here with my lovely co-host Ellie David Ellie how are you today
I'm okay today it's been a been a weird week like kind of rough not
not feeling too hot um it was one of those like you know it's been almost two weeks
since I had my period so you know it's normally like the week after if I'm gonna have any issues
um like still lingering from that but for some reason this was the week that just that's what it felt like anyway like I
was having some kind of hormonal crap but then we also had all that weird weather we
talked about that excuse me yeah you may have been ovulating also yeah I don't know I don't
know it's today was pretty good it wasn't as bad
um my Pain's been very tough but luckily I haven't had to
work too much I did wrestle the grand baby the other day
so I did a pretty full day of babysitting and then yesterday my daughter in the morning she's like so
we're gonna give you a break and not come over because she knows even if she's here
with the baby everything stops for me like I'll say oh [ __ ] come on over you know I have to get
some cleaning done and some laundry or whatever it might be and that once they're here and she'll say Mom go it's
good like I'm you know and I'm like no come to me so
it's it's just how it is you know so I said okay but then I didn't I didn't
know what to do with myself well yeah because you know you want to
focus on the baby and you know I do the same thing when people come over like you know I I want to sit and talk to
them and not just move around yeah no it's it's so hard she's so cute I mean
and she's just really awake and she's really just like the perfect little baby
and we're all in love with her all of us I mean even our our kids friends are in La you know
Abby's best friend Abby was asking today you know is violet coming over I really
want to see her because we didn't see her yesterday so she's a rock star totally but anyway so I'm doing a little
bit better today how have you been doing well
my hips bothering we'll say where do I begin the shot in my hip didn't really last
long maybe about a week I got out of it um it's not as bad nearly as bad as it
was before but it's not I mean it's only two weeks in here and I should have gotten longer out of it
without pain but you know I'm sure that that means probably that the damage is just that severe and it's just
confirmation that I need to have it replaced obviously my big disappointment of the
week is that Ashton and I could not go to Wilmington I know
we are completely devastated about it because you know for a lot of reasons and
um yeah no I the hurricane it just we probably would
have been okay that being said I had you in my head the entire week
saying bless it or block it and I was like okay something in my gut
before like last week I had a lot of anxiety about it like something before we even
knew about the hurricane and something I got was like um you know just to drive
dreading it and not that I'm like I'm not one that panics about like I'll get
in the car and drive across the country and that doesn't bother me you know driving but I had a weird feeling maybe
I just knew since something was going to happen and we could have if we left on
Wednesday morning like we anticipated we would have just missed the storm
um we would have gotten some rain but we would have definitely had it on the way back we would have drove right
into it and then you know the time we would have had there would have been
it would have been raining and the weather would not have been good and Wilmington's a town where you want to
walk around in other shops and see the sights and oh yeah they were turning the entire town into Tree Hill yeah so when
they shot there there were certain stores like there was this this is one store called I don't know something Ally but
that was the infamous record store in the show for so many years and then
there was Karen's Cafe and but so all these places were turned they were like doing pop-ups and they were pretending
like it was that those restaurants and places you know basically they were turning the
city into Tree Hill yeah and it would have been really cool to see and you know but you know obviously I Ashton was
very disappointed too yeah and I just said them I you know luckily you know
even though he's 18 only 18. he is sensible and I said look I said we can
go and risk it he said but you know how you're going to feel if something happens and we get in an
accident and one of us doesn't make it or we get really hurt and stuck and he's like yeah he's like the responsible
thing is not to go so obviously we didn't go yeah I mean I felt so bad for you guys
but yeah it's one of I think because we just went through Ian as well even though
this one looked nothing like that no but you just never know yeah it's like after seeing such horrible stuff that you just
like your PTSD like oh my God I just don't want to be vulnerable at all if I can help it you
know and you never knew like my worry with it was is it going to fly across the state hit the Gulf
and turn into a bigger storm and then you'd be driving back into that you know
it was too too many things but yeah blessed are blocking I mean if your gut was already telling you
there's normally a reason for that I am yeah I honestly thought it was going to be very hard on you
on your hip to be driving for that long because I I don't know
about you but I have serious pain from taking long road trips I mean I love
doing it but when I get out of the car and like start I'm like oh like I'm really feeling it
so uh I'm worried about yourself sitting for you know really sitting doesn't
bother me and I've noticed that that when I spend more time even sitting here in my desk versus the chair that I
used to sit in I don't have as much pain probably because and my friend explained this to
me who has hip problems also she said it's because of the way your body is positioned and you're not on the nerves
and the way you're sitting I don't know I can't even re-explain it but so sitting in the car doesn't bother me
sitting in the car stiffens my body as a whole you know when you first get out you got to stretch
I don't particularly enjoy driving my on the interstate or at night and I was
going to have Ashton drive through Georgia because you know he doesn't go over the speed limit and I tend to like to push it and I don't want to end up in
jail in jail they'll take you right to jail in Georgia yeah they are everywhere
um so you know my body's been achy from the storm also
I have not really kind of
I wanted to stay in bed the last couple days and you know that for me that's not something I do very often it's been a
really long time like yesterday I remember we were going to jump on and do a Veterans Day podcast and I just wanted to go get in bed and
watch TV and I ended up cleaning the cleaning Ashton's man cave with him because
he had some stuff he bought and wanted to put up and needed to do that stuff but so yeah I I slept till 12 30 this
morning this afternoon I didn't I never do that but I was also up till three watching the crown
I want to lay in bed and watch the crown that's what it is that's one of those shows you have to concentrate on oh you have it on I tried that's what I was
trying to do earlier was clean and have it on and I kept coming back to look because
it's like yeah you can't you have to be focused completely on that show so I hear you but you know what you need
it a day to just chill I mean yeah I don't I don't do it very often and
Friday was a PTO day for me I did take I gave back my PTO for um Wednesday and Thursday but I did take
Friday good good um yeah you used to kind of have those
times where you would kind of recluse a little but I've noticed that and I I
don't know if it's the podcasting but I feel like it really has helped I really do it's helping me it is my mental
health you know it's it is therapy for me in a way and
you know it gives me motivation and you know I feel like I don't know I guess there was a lot of stuff I needed to
talk about [Music] but I've noticed that I think it's helping you too and
it's that's a a big perk you know in my mind well you know it keeps me busy and I'm a
person that has to stay busy yes I know that's a big red flag with not avoid with avoiding your trauma from whatever
childhood this that like I don't like to be alone with my thoughts for very often because they either Produce South
self-doubt and everything that comes along with it but staying busy like you know uh just
with the podcast it's you know we record I edit you know we do our Social Media
stuff yeah and research and everything else so it takes a lot of time but it's good that's the thing but it's good time
I mean I enjoy it I think staying busy is healthy as long as you're filling that time with positive stuff and that
you do take a break when your body is signaling you hey you're tired you need to rest so I
don't I'm with you I don't like to be alone with my thoughts too long um you know Justin teases me because
like I kind of always have something happening like even with my I have a
show on at all times almost I'm doing other things like I'm in there
I'm doing dishes and I'm cleaning and I'm cooking dinner and it'll be something that I've watched a million
times you know it's just like I kind of have to fill the the space with
something so nothing weird comes in there but I don't know I I think whatever works
as long as it's healthy you know I I don't think um like if you were filling your time with
heroin use then probably not the best choice but uh no yeah I don't I don't
think there's anything wrong with it I think it's been a positive thing for sure yeah it's it's uh if we can just get to
a point where Spotify or iHeart or someone could just pick us up and we can do this full time man that'd be awesome
we're ready y'all we're ready yep just let us watch you you don't have to pay
his millions decent salary yeah not want to cut myself short here but you know yeah no I mean Millions would be good
too but you know yeah I'd be more than happy and mama needs a Range Rover we can we can start small we can we can
negotiate we can negot we are yeah the only thing I ask is that I retain rights
I retain the uh see what they call it the uh um the IP
the elect we retain our own intellectual we own the rights oh there you go the only thing I require yeah because we
don't want to be Taylor Swift nope speaking of Taylor Swift
so much anxiety around getting these tickets I just wish we knew how much
they were listening last night very clearly that we got the tickets
hope there's a sign I was straight up like I was explaining the Midnight's
album to someone and then go I don't know what I I don't remember everybody that was there I remember seeing Abby
I want to say you were there but at some point it was like yes we got the tickets yes thank God we got them like it was
the greatest feeling in the world so I don't know I hope that's a good sign
I do too I really do too I mean she did add another show to Temp so she'll be
here Thursday Friday and Saturday I know the Friday night show is probably going to be the most popular well and I was gonna ask you should we just go for the
Thursday is that gonna be the easiest one to get or what I mean probably I
would really care I would go on Monday I would I don't care yeah take me take me as I am I will go
whenever you want me to go I don't care so yeah I'm like nervous plus it'll
probably be the best show because it's the first one yeah I don't know but I mean it could go maybe people will be more excited about that one because of
that I don't know you know but it's harder for people with working and you
know all that but there's plenty of time to get the day off and you know ahead of time and whatever you know so
I don't know I'm Really Gonna Be leaning on your expertise because you're the concert person like I I literally have
gone to two concerts in my life seriously one
yeah one was Dave Matthews Band when I was like a teenager which was fantastic concert by the way and then in One
Direction with Katie and her friend which now that I'm absolutely obsessed
with Harry Styles I'm really happy I went to that concert but he was just a kid at the time
but uh oh my gosh I can't believe you've only you've only been to two shows I've seen so many Legendary Shows that's why
I keep saying you're the expert because like I don't know like and then we bought tickets to Billy eilish for
Georgia and Abby right but you didn't go a couple years ago I didn't go but I did buy the tickets but it was like one of
those last minute right before Christmas I'm like let me try and there was a
couple left out of control I mean I think I paid almost 600 bucks for both
you know yeah together but it was like I said last minute shitty seats I mean you
know but they didn't care you know and it was a surprise Christmas gift you
know one of Ashton's friends they just recently went and saw Panic at the Disco they buy their tickets at like if the
show's starting at like eight they buy them at like five o'clock as they're on their way out the door because at the last minute so many tickets get released
or so many are not being sold and they paid 70 bucks a piece for these floor
tickets they were practically on the floor they were in the first level but they were down and we saw the videos how close they were and I I just I can't
take that risk for Taylor Swift I'm sorry but yeah I just prefer to although
when she came for reputation I remember looking at the tickets to the last minute saying to Wyatt and Ashton do we
want to go and we almost went and I don't know why we didn't uh we went and saw Justin Timberlake instead I think
big mistake huge but um I mean Justin was good too but I would have rather seen I think Taylor Swift I mean you
know we can't compare the two especially that reputation tour looked freaking wild yeah wild yeah
um yeah I don't know I mean I'm with you I'm I'm I just wish we knew the prices like everyone's saying for
200. for third level right um I mean with the Ticketmaster fees
that's you know you gotta add on at least another 50 bucks a ticket which sucks ticket bastards
you know this is the good news though it's at Raymond James yes and my feeling
on that is no matter where we're at well they say that I really do believe
it in a stadium like that especially the way she does her her like her concerts
she makes sure of it oh yeah so I really just think we need to try to just be realistic I oh I agree you know I mean
we're each trying to get four tickets you know I mean I'm I'm definitely together
we're trying to get him yeah yeah so it's like look whatever we just need to
make sure we secure you know I'll need I'll need assistance just
I did go into Ticketmaster this morning and put in my card yeah because everybody kept saying to do
that so I did that yeah I need to do that too I was like all right I got one down it's exciting look it's another
blessed or block it you know God's got bigger things to do than make sure that we go to Taylor Swift but and however
I will be praying for us I think it's just a special thing
especially I know for me with my girls yeah it's really a big deal I mean yeah
oh yeah my oldest daughter's 25 she grew up with Taylor Swift
and has been a fan of hers from I mean I always have been too but she was that
young girl fan you know and it's just such a big deal and now the other two are just as in love with her
so I just think it would be such a cool like memory for all of us to have and of course being with you guys even better
you know so yeah I hope so that's why we gotta it's gonna be hard but we gotta try to make sure we get in the same
section and but if we don't you know we'll just we'll we can still coordinate you know try to at least get we can
always put the kids together or something we'll figure it out we'll figure it out we gotta make t-shirts and stand out so
someone notices honestly yeah like I think we need to
get glammy which is way out of my comfort zone the jewels we need Bejeweled like
like it's you know it's funny because Ashton said to me the other day he's like you know I really like Taylor Swift
I just say I don't to books it's like and he's excited he said I
said something about look I know Taylor Swift is not one of your like on the top
of your list to go see and he's like oh no she hasn't he's as a musician she's like an artist that I want to see and I
can appreciate her yeah and the effort she puts into a show yeah I mean she is she's a songwriter she's a musician
she's you know she does it all I mean it that's off man you can't you can't take
her flowers away you know no yeah I know I gotta figure out like
all right 10 a.m on Tuesday I'm gonna be in the office but I can't be in the office so I don't know whether I ask my
boss tell my boss the truth and like she knows she knows that like this the
consolation price for Wilmington is the Taylor Swift tickets or do I like say hey I got an
appointment I don't really want to do that is it going to be where we have to be on like
is it going to take a long time I don't know but I don't want to be I
probably need to make sure I don't have a meeting that morning at 10 A.M um I need to be in a situation where
like I can be on the phone with you and be on my phone like like where we can
coordinate where we know because we're not gonna be able to text that's going to be impossible it's gonna be like that Meme I sent you
yeah refresh refresh well I and I've been using my phone every time I get on
Ticketmaster so I don't know if I should stick to my phone like I kept hearing about that too like you don't want to
change devices what's ironic is that
a couple of weeks ago when Ashton and Wyatt went to the hockey game I
kept trying to buy tickets and it kept it coming up with this weird code that said
like it would complete it and the money would pull from my bank account but then it would be immediately put back and it
kept saying unable to complete code blah blah and I looked it up and it said possible fraud possible this and I was
like what the hell and we he ended up finding um you know ironically some
tickets on Facebook Marketplace that were like 30 bucks a piece
and it was perfect it was the section they wanted to be in and you know they
you know showed the proof that they had the tickets and we did you know PayPal and all that and you know out the door
60 bucks they had a great time but um so I was like a little concerned I'm like what the hell like what if this
happens on Tuesday when I'm trying to buy these Taylor Swift tickets so ironically
which it worked out you know Ashton was dying to go see Machine Gun Kelly
there's a music festival coming and um in first weekend in December and at
the fairground not the fairgrounds but the amphitheater and why it is like I am
not going to that music I'm not going it's like that's not what I want to say and he's like been asking friends and
I'm like okay yeah you can ask friends but I don't want you driving to Tampa and dealing with all that yeah and you
know so although Wyatt did have him drive to the hockey game and he did pretty good when we were at Maria's the
other night for um the birthday party he knows that Love Machine Gun Kelly so he
asked do you want to go do you want to go see Machine Gun Kelly and he's like yeah man so then he asked cool and
that's when we got home and we I was like all right we'll look for tickets and like this works out because I need to figure out my Ticketmaster account and um he texted him and then he and
yeah man let's do this and so I got on to do it and it like same thing it
rejected it said you know code blah blah so it said I Googled it to clear your
cookies and your cash on your phone and like go to the settings and clear all data in your internet delete everything
okay and that's what I did and then it went through so that situation is resolved but what sucks is you know
their fees are so high and this is how I'm estimating they had a four pack available for these tickets
um for this Festival because it's a two-day Festival they're only going for one day for 30 bucks at 33 bucks a piece
it was like okay so four tickets were like 134. with the fees and everything
these tickets came to 202 dollars like twenty dollars in fees a piece it's ridiculous yeah and I know from being
working in the entertainment field that the artist doesn't get that much the artist gets a contracted amount which is
very minimal per ticket and they get a fee for performing but they don't yeah the slice I don't think Taylor gets
although she might she ranged it Taylor's deal is different like she sets it up where she gets more of the cut of
the tickets well and it's also the tours by Capital One yeah so I'm sure I'm sure
she's interested that big commercial and you know everything I'm sure she's just definitely getting a pretty penny
but she is he's hurting for the cash
telling Justin too at this show is like she has said herself she's 32 years old we don't know if she's gonna you know
move down the line with Joe Alwyn and possibly get married not that I'm pushing that on you Taylor because that
is not something you have to do or maybe try to have a family or not or who knows
when is she gonna tour again right I mean this is a big deal I mean the last
when when was reputation 2017 and she didn't tour for a lover because her mom
was sick she just did those loverville festivals Here There and Everywhere but it wasn't
a full-on tour because she wanted to be close to her mom in case something happened yeah and then there was the
pandemic and she wrote two other albums and so you know this is going to be a really big tour obviously she's added so
many dates which literally I'm looking at it thinking oh Taylor are you gonna survive this this is a lot of that's
just the United States it's unbelievable but anyway
um thank God we're at the beginning where things are going to be worn out oh
yeah but uh you know it's yeah I think it's something that my feeling is
I don't see her touring again for a while that's what I think no you know but I could be wrong no I don't either you
never know but I do know I don't especially after this big of a tour and she may not either that's why they've
looked at the numbers they see how many people signed up for through their her site for you know the fan verified
tickets to be in line so they know there's a stroke to be a shortage they knew there was going to be a shortage it
was only two shows that's why they added a third night to every venue every city yeah they they wanted one too which is
considered yeah they're doing she does a good job of that a fantastic job of that
but also the fact that this is the arrows tour and she's literally going to be giving us music from every
single album that kind of signaled something to me too even though I think it's super cool I'm like is this like I
know it's not like a farewell but that's kind of I it spoke to me like what does
that mean why are you because she has plenty to give us between lover folklore and Evermore and midnights oh
totally but she she wants to do it all you know so it's like okay you know just
in case I'm just saying I want to say that I went to one of her shows that's all me too you just never know I mean
yeah so I mean what could happen I mean something can happen to us too you never
know luckily Justin has not fought me on this and he I'm trying to get him to go
but he with he has bad like social anxiety and and big loud settings like that like
he's like listen I would not enjoy it he loves Taylor Swift
but he said he's like I would not enjoy it I know I wouldn't and it would be a
big anxiety show for me and he's like I don't want to waste the money when I'm gonna end up having to leave and go get
in the car or something because I'm freaking out and I'm like okay he said listen I'll go with you guys I'll drive
up with you stay in the hotel like whatever we end up doing I'm a part of it but I ain't trying to
go to the concert I'm like okay well I try because he is a Super Fan Wyatt is
going to be in Oklahoma for work so he's already out I think he's a
little disappointed I mean he's definitely his closet Swift well he's not in closet Swifty he's made it no
secret he loves her music yeah so yeah oh Justin's got a crush on her
for sure who doesn't all right I even have a crush on her and I'm not even gay so oh totally
so anyway yes people uh uh say a little prayer for us or
whatever it is just send out the Good Vibes we'll keep you updated I say if we get
the tickets we should totally do a podcast and at least just talk about the fact that we got the tickets I agree I
totally agree and I think that we should definitely like do something
at the show like there's a girl on Tick Tock and I know she's not part of
the Taylor's team I don't know exactly but she's doing this thing where she like are you to be part of the Taylor
Squad and like post and be on the insta like live feeds
for each show like the part of the Taylor Street team or something so I apply okay I have that I'll get in but yeah
you know who knows yeah I don't know we'll see you
you know I read a quote today that said it was from some show and it was some
from some TV show on Showtime and it said every great podcast starts somewhere and
ends up totally different and I'm like oh hello that's us yeah
totally we are always down the rabbit hole we can start in Venice and end up
in California look anything we I don't know I just feel like we can talk about anything we can we do you know I mean
it's just that's one of the reasons I wanted to do this because you're one of the favorite people in my life to talk
to because it we can talk about almost anything you know and I mean I think we're
interesting day I like us I do too how many times do you
call me and we ended up on the phone for like three hours I mean yeah I know I'm like
hey why not share it with the world so we're gonna talk about the show
yes luckiest girl well no I'm sorry it was a movie not a show which I'm trying
to get through the other one too um tell me lies yeah I haven't with
everything going on I've only got I'm only a couple episodes and and boy that
is Stevie next day's show yeah
but I mean it it's one of those like you get so far into it that you're like okay
I gotta finish like I can't just not finish it and see what happens oh I know
but it's kind of just slow for me you know it's slow for me too but it's I
could see it's it's I'm intrigued and I think it's gonna pick it up where are you at it is oh Jesus I'm kind of in it
uh let's see which I know Aaron had talked about once we watch it we could do you know a
podcast with her yeah I'm on episode eight I don't even know if there's more than
one season no this was the first season I don't know if they're gonna open another one
because based on a book I think yeah I'm on episode eight okay so I need
to I need to shake I need to finish the crown and Shake A Leg some of it I've fast forward if I'm
being honest because it's just a lot of sex not that I'm opposed to a lot of sex
but I'm just trying to get to the yeah like what's gonna happen so you know it's like I I'll just fast forward like
okay okay I'll watch a couple minutes all right I'm good let me go through this sentence okay so what's happening
mine's like I'm here alone so um I got no one to like help me out
right help yourself it's not the same after a while you know
it's not the same kind of it's never the same but that like watching that you
just need a throw down and yeah right I'm not throwing down myself I don't because I'm fast forwarding I think I'm
safe yeah there you go that must be the ticket must be because yeah
but um okay so luckiest girl alive with Mila Kunis yes it is on Netflix and it
is a book 2022 mystery thriller film directed by Mike Barker from Scream from a
screenplay by Jessica Knoll based on her 2015 novel of the same name the film
stars Mila Kunis Finn whitroc schoolia McNary and a bunch of others that I'm
not going to repeat Jennifer Beals and Connie Britton were the two that you know I found most interesting I love
Connie Britton it was released to select Cinemas on September 30th 2022 before it
got its streaming release on October 7th for Netflix in 2015 28 year old Tiffany
who goes by Ani Finelli a respected New York woman women's magazine editor
appears to have a picture-perfect life as she prepares to marry her boyfriend Luke Harrison anime Karen Wickersham a
documentary director who wants to make a short film about the school's shooting that she survived as a teenager her he
informs her that a former classmate Dean Martin who went on to become a successful writer and advocate for gun
control has agreed to take part Ani declines to be involved she's been accused of being part of the shooting right it goes back and forth but windup
is the point to the the basic gist of it is that she was involved a bunch of kids
got her drunk teenage boys well it was she it was her she went to this trip yeah she went to this Prep School
and she was the she was not the rich kid in the group she was not from a rich
family she went to this very her mom scrimped and saved put her in this very prestigious Prep School
so she was always the she was in with this group but she was always the outsider as label as the poor girl and
she was a heavier girl she struggled with her weight yes and her in her mind
yes you know mostly but she had definite like body dysmorphia and an eating
disorder yeah but she was she was great she was
gang raped by these four boys at a party one was her boyfriend one was her boyfriend yes one was her boyfriend and
that was the dean character that became the advocate correct was it the I don't think it was Dean I think it was one of
the others I think it was maybe it was Liam okay because that started to get confusing yeah but he he was one of the
boys right he was yeah he was the he was the one that came in he was the last one that she where she got away where she
didn't got away okay okay so there are two other boys in the school that are
being picked on by this group of boys they retaliate by shooting up the school
but they were her friends they were her friends but they were like The Outsiders like her and so she was friends with
them with these two guys outside of this other friend group right
so they were kind of The Outsiders but then she got in with the cool kids right she did it between Both Worlds yes yes
so it looked Dean was the only survivor of the four boys and she what happened
was since she was friends with these two boys they assumed she had a part in it
but she truly didn't know and no she stabbed one of the boys and killed him
to get away even though it was her friend and she carried that with her
Dean was afraid that she was going to go public with the rape so he made up this
story that she slept together in front of it we had to get in front of it that she was a [ __ ] and she slept with them
and that she could conceivably be part of this plot right she got away from all
of these people Greg college graduated became very successful then as she's planning this big wedding guy with a
rich family this is all resurfacing at one time yes and it becomes a little overwhelming so now that I I've got
we've gotten through that [Music] let's just start with like one of the first opening scenes I mean she
obviously she portrays herself as a chameleon that fits in anywhere and a
hard ass woman she comes off at first like she doesn't give a [ __ ] what anybody thinks about her that was my
first initial impression yeah kind of old part [ __ ] you know flaunting the
ring um doesn't want to be like everybody else and the very early on there's a scene in
a pizzeria with her and her fiance eating and her fiance leaves to go to the bathroom and you see her inhale the
pizza while he is the rest of the pizza while he's in the bathroom like she won't eat in front of him she shoves the whole piece of pizza in her mouth yeah
she had eaten up before that she had eaten like a couple of like bite little yeah and was saying I'm full and he was
commenting on seriously like How Are You full and then as soon as he walked away she inhaled it yeah
and immediately I related to that right yeah because I I don't eat in front of
people a lot right like unless I you I know you know and love me I don't know why well I know why it was because I was
always uh ridiculed as a child because I was heavy like oh you're gonna eat that oh maybe you shouldn't eat that it was
always picked on and if I'm truthful even in my 20s by certain people would say like
um if you lost weight yeah yeah there's always that stigma so I I
understood that but she she went so far as to like dump water all over everything and
make it she didn't look like the waiter ruined the pizza and that's why it was
gone yeah she's gonna get a box and yeah she was gonna get a box and yeah yeah
and he came back he's like what happened to the pizza and she was like oh the waiter spilled water it got ruined let's just go yeah yeah
and she's very very thin as an adult super super thin but as a teenager she
you know was Fuller I mean look if you look at this girl there was not absolutely nothing wrong with you know
her weight in my opinion but it's like a lot of teenage girls like if you're not
stick thin especially when we grew up I mean right now in the past I don't know really 20 years it's become more
desirable to have curves yes and have a big butt and you know big thighs and
like you know be a fuller girl they're they're really I mean but they still walk a fine line you know the look now
is thin thin you know tiny waist and big old butt you know and it's like it's
that cold Kardashian effect it is definitely more accepted to have a
fuller Fuller body yeah you know curvy body you obviously have to get into the movie
until you see you know it's it's a suspense so you wonder for a lot of the
movie if she really did have a hand in this school shooting that she's the Survivor of and when she finally agrees
to do it they ask her how she wants to be labeled and is it survivor or victim
and she says Victim Because she has never been perceived as a victim she she
lost her friends she lost she was an outcast her mother made her finish in
that school her mother didn't believe her when she said she was raped her mother you know she like victim blamed
you know it was like you know it was almost like if you did get raped it's on you I told you not to do those things I
told you not to be you know partying and I told you not to do yourself in the
position you know the mom's like I'm either admit or deny you know what's
happening here but if anything did happen it's your fault and you get what you get yeah and and that I think that's
why a lot of rape victims don't come forward because you are subject to that scrutiny
for sure and you know that is like we said it's unfortunately and I think it
still kind of rings True to this that the victim is often blamed like in this
movie you see after she's raped by these boys and she's obviously shaken she
stops she runs away from the house and she goes to a convenience store and
there she finds the teacher one of the teachers in the classroom that teaches a
class and he takes her home and lets her shower and he wants to take her to the hospital
and she won't go and she says no yeah and then he reports it to the Headmaster
on Monday and the Headmaster wants to call the police and her mother and he's
questioning her are you sure this is what happened like putting because you know what's going to happen if if you
accuse these boys this is what's going to happen to their lives yeah that
you're going to live with this horrible thing for the rest of your life it's what's going to happen to these
promising boys right and then the teacher gets [ __ ] which is still a conversation yeah right
yeah and yeah and then the teacher gets fired on top of it and it's
sorry it's important to note too the the two School shooters
that were her friends they did know that she was raped yes
so it was almost like final straw right it just pushed them over the edge
I'm not condoning them but you know when you look at you know so often when these school
shootings happen it's like it is always someone that feels so
oppressed and so unheard and so victimized and they feel like they have
nowhere to go it's a horrific way to handle that but it screams to the top of
our lungs or I can't scream loud enough that we need more mental health support and less
guns in my opinion I mean don't I'm I I don't blame mental health for school shootings
because I don't think it's fair to put a label on people that have mental illness
that they're violent that that's not that's not what I'm saying I believe we do have too many
guns and we have too much access to guns and young men in particular who seem to
be the ones that are more prone to do this at 18 years old are not responsible
enough emotionally mentally it's it's it's not no no no no 18 year
old guy or girl should be purchasing a gun right in my in my opinion however
it's it was very evident in this movie it was like these two boys just it was like a a
switch just flipped and she was spared I mean they they were right there she thought
they were gonna kill her and they didn't and she ended up like you said going after the one
yeah you know it's yeah and that's part of the reason I've never you know there
was a time in my life where I wanted to buy a gun I had a store a retail store Shady people would sometimes come in at
night I felt unsafe my brother had a gun and I I really wanted one and Ashton was
little at the time he was eight or nine years old and of course I would have kept it in the safe you know I remember having these conversations with Wyatt
it's just having a boy that young in the house you don't I we we made the choice
not to have one because you never know what they figure it out they figure the
code they want to play around it's just too many too too many things well I think boys maybe tend to be more curious
too and more like you know curious about something like that but kids in general
I mean I'm but I had one yeah I had I had a handgun I was registered went to
the shooting range the whole nine yes I kept it in a safe I I mean I was scared
of that I rarely I could never get comfortable with it you know I I just and it scared
me to the point that I was more scared I would shoot myself when I'm trying to you know do something
with it or one of the kids because I was fearful when I got it well my my dad
bought it for me it was after that horrific murder down here of the mother
and I feel bad right now I don't remember her name but um we had just moved to Northport we hadn't been here
that long and she was literally kidnapped out of her home and eventually murdered raped and
murdered and this man had followed her from the post office and it was it was
just absolutely horrific and it we were all just devastated at how could something in broad daylight how did this
happen she had two young Sons one was a baby one was like a toddler and they were in the house when he came in and
essentially she just said just take me don't hurt my kids please just take me right now her father was the police
chief I believe for Charlotte County I think you probably remember I do I'm talking about it was just horrific so I
was so scared and my husband at the time he was doing flooring but it was during the recession so he had started
delivering pizza again and he would work at night and it was like terrifying I was
terrified because in Northport especially right then we hadn't developed as much yeah lots of wooded
areas yeah so the house we were in a lot of wooded area it was just freaky freaky
Friday but yeah so I had it for a little while and I was I just was so damn scared of the thing you know and again
I'm not trying to make this about guns I Am Four Guns I'm for the Second Amendment I'm just saying we definitely
need to look at some of these young people having access especially to certain I mean if we can at least agree
on you know some of these you know weapons of war is what I call them they're weapons that soldiers are using
an 18 year old has no business with that weapon in my opinion
however it is happening it is legal they can't get it and I just feel like a lot of people I think a lot of young people
that maybe are struggling are I think we're too numb to it they're too numb to
it and it's kind of an option in their mind like keep up I'm gonna get a gun and yeah get the Justice side like it's
an option to them you know but um it I I thought it was interesting
that they included they included a lot in the movie as far as things that are happening in our society so there's that
but then also the trauma of rape and
women's women's rights right now and you know what we're talking about whole conversation I mean so there was a lot
happening yeah it was traumatic I mean they kind of went definitely into detail with the actual scenes that they showed
with the rape and that was very triggering to me too you know trauma that I've endured
you know I related to her character so much because I felt like the outsider for sure me too my friends were all very
wealthy um I lived literally on the other side of the tracks and
and I mean they were they had a lot of money all of them and it was a very affluent area I just happened to be in
the one neighborhood that was not a lot of military families because my dad was in the military so it was like
affordable and you know and to fit in I really became the party girl you know I
I was the good time you know I was gonna get drunk I was gonna get high I was gonna do anything I could to be relevant
and be interesting to them and I was heavier than pretty much all of them so
I was super insecure about that and come when you're that young and you're
partying like that you're just you are asking for a horrible thing to happen to you
you don't think you're asking for it I shouldn't say asking that's a totally wrong word I'm sorry you're opening
yourself up right to harm and you don't mean to that's not what you want to do
and the conversation is still putting it's always putting the onus on the girl
and it's like I don't care you know how drunk
someone is just like these boys in the movie I mean the next day they tried to
just hey what's up what's going on like it's like yeah nothing yeah we can't
change this and you're you're a mother of a son so you can speak to this way better than I can that conversation has
to change right you know and and if a boy has not I'm sorry if a boy has not been raised
to understand these things with women and what consent is and what what
appropriate behavior is and it's it's on parents it's on schools you know this
whole dress code BS oh we can't distract the boys we can't you know you can't wear a tank top to
school because a boy can't handle learning if if you have something distracting on
that's got to stop you know no the onus needs to be on the boy if the boy is at school not doing what he's supposed to
do because he can't handle looking at the girl in the club he needs to go home right you know I mean so it's there's a
lot of things but yeah it was it was it was hard you know
I was in positions like that where and you're confused afterwards because
you're like well you know I was drunk and I was flirting and we did start
making out and but you didn't want to do everything that was done right and it was like
sorry for your luck you know and I I never I never um press charges
or did anything about it either I never even told my mom when it happened yeah
you know I if I'm being honest I don't know if I told anyone at the time later I did
you know but actually if I'm you know what now that I'm thinking about I had a really
close guy friend that was also this person that did it to me
um and I would call it date rape yeah really um but he was in our friend group kind
of but not super close like there was like the core you know I was one of the only girls in the group
and um I told my very good guy friend what
happened and he never told anyone and he never like betrayed my confidence or you know
he encouraged me to say something but I didn't want to time so and then for all those reasons
you know it's like who's gonna believe me I was drunk I was this I was that you
know it is so hard to prove you know do you really want to put you've already been victimized and now the legal system
is going to victimize you over and over again yeah period so you know how how did you
feel about well my situation was a little different
um but you know there were a lot of triggering things I was you know I like you was always the outsider in high
school I was friends with the popular people but I wasn't in their Clique and I was happier and
um Looking Back Now I really wasn't if I looked if I mean truthful I was what like a size seven eight in high school
but yet I was one of the heavier girls and I'd kill to be a size seven eight now
um but my so I my situation happened once I was older I think I was 25 26 and
I was bartending at a local pub and I met this guy seemed like a nice guy
ex-military went out on a couple dates with them seemed very polite gentlemanly
invited me over one night to watch a movie and we started making out he started getting a little
rough like aggressively rough and I immediately like
felt like the situation wasn't right and um you know not to get into any details basically helped me down by the throat
and wow being raped me and me on date right for me and it was probably one of
the most horrific things I remember you know I had a roommate at this time going home and
being Shell Shocked I did tell her and you know she wanted me to press charges
but I also felt that I put myself in that position by being alone with him at
his house um someone that I'd only been on a few days with but
you know it's something that definitely stays with you I mean to this day I I
still have Trauma from it I still can't have anyone like why it can't put his
hand like one of the first things I told him when we were dating like don't ever put your hands around my throat yeah that's not something I you know I don't
like to be held down or anything like that and you know still there's like
I'll get anxiety after we have sex you know from time to time because of that
you know reminder you know to make matters worse um here's one I got pregnant and yeah
and that's you know one of the things that really gets me now with
um you know our women's rights being taken away right I was lucky I had a
miscarriage I didn't have to make a decision on that you know God made the decision for me
but I had to have a DNC afterwards because it was an complete miscarriage which is an abortion yeah I mean
essentially call it but yeah yeah but yeah yeah it doesn't it doesn't expel it doesn't come out and that's what people
forget you know this is a life-saving procedure
[Music] yeah you die of infection if you if not it's uh something that's in your body
that has to come out I mean it'll rot inside you if not but so yeah so that
was all a very so it you know it's something you bury for years and years and years and I I have struggled with
God what if this guy has I'm sure he's done it to other women what if I could have stopped that what if I would have
spoken up and been brave enough to do that and I didn't but I'm sure that
is what they also prey on is that you will be scrutinized and we shouldn't be
you know there's just you know the whole metoo movement I got it you know Harvey Weinstein he's a [ __ ] monster and
that guy out of rotten hell for what he's done to those women you know
it's just I don't think I don't think
um as a society there is enough emphasis on what something that traumatic you know
does to someone you know I agree I mean I like you I it never goes away talking
about it right now makes me really think about how often I think about it yeah
and the guy that that this happened with I really had a big crush on and he was
older than me um and he you know I went there I had been
at a party drinking and I went there specifically to like
whatever with him I I didn't I wasn't thinking we were gonna have sex
and that's not what I wanted but I definitely wanted to be with him and flirt with him and probably make out
with him and you know and he got very violent and aggressive as well and it it turned from something it it
never really started that great but yeah you know of course yes and it was
definitely one of those just yeah it changed how I felt about sex
forever and me too I hadn't had a good you know because I became
promiscuous at a young age and I believe that was from trauma any even younger
age where I was molested as a child but I was so confused about sex and I think
when you're young you are anyway because nobody really knows what they're doing so women especially we have a very hard
time reaching orgasm boys don't know what they're doing to help you along with that yet you know they can't help
I'm not dogging them it's like they're just trying to figure it out we're trying to figure so that's why it's so hard to and I've always told my girls
like my mom was pretty good about this and I've tried to be too like I'm not unrealistic now granted I've got one gay
daughter one pansexual daughter and one hetero daughter but
you know they've been trying to figure out their stuff you know my thing is try to at least be in a relationship
with someone that you trust it doesn't have to be for years I'm not
unrealistic but that's the main because that's what I didn't do and because of
that I had a horrible it just made my body image issues worse you know because
these kinds of guys that they take advantage of you and then they say horrible things about you and you
believe them and you know all those things and I remember when Justin and I first got together he was extremely
sexual and I had already had a baby okay you gotta remember I had I was 19 I was
about to turn 20 when I met him I had never had an orgasm
from having sex with a man wow and I didn't know that
that was a problem my mom although she wasn't a
dude tried to talk to us about sex she was kind of prudish and she was very negative about sex because of her own
trauma um my girlfriends I mean we were all kind of learning it
together I guess I didn't have anybody in my life that was like had more knowledge really and Justin is the one
that really taught me about sex I mean I mean I knew what to do for him
but I didn't know what to do for me and I'll never forget that conversation of him asking me what I liked
and I said I don't know what do you mean by that question
and I remember him actually like kind of giggling and going and I'll never forget
this memory him going well I guess we'll have to figure it out but it was the first time a man talked
to me about my body about what I liked how did I feel and I was having a really
hard time and I'm someone that like you I would get emotional after sex I would
have this weird feeling like a bad feeling yeah and I couldn't put my finger on it and then I finally talked
to him about my trauma and he was like that's what's happening
like you've you know it and this is listen I'm not giving Justin too much credit when it comes to the
Psychotherapy Department okay because this man no but the sex Department yes
and he was aware enough just about sex that he was able to go
wait a minute that with this that's not gonna be good like we gotta you know
he was like a patient gentle partner you know who
you know one he cared he you know he's the first person that gave a [ __ ] you know first guy that really and I mean to
be fair to some of the other men that had been in my life void then whatever it's not that they were bad people or
just like totally horrible selfish I don't think they knew I mean I I really don't I think Justin was really the
first one that cared enough and knew enough right to break through the wall you know and it still took time
because then I was in my child rearing years and so you have that whole it's like it's it's God's cruel joke you know
we yeah we reach our sexual peak at our age now you know in our 40s yeah and 30s
40s sometimes even 50s and and more but men they're super young
you know but and then they start to lose their sex drive as we're peaking you
know so it's you know I think back on it now at the current state that I'm in and
I'm like damn I know right I could have been doing it all the time but I didn't have the drive
that I have now you know why it said to be years and years and years ago and it
was like right after I had Ashton and you know your your preoccupied with having a baby and raising a baby in your
body and you're yeah you know your cycle not feeling it Here There and Everywhere
and sex to me then was a chore you know it was just something I did for my husband I mean granted you know I was
absolutely from it you know he you know we've never had any problems in
that department with you know Sparks but he said to me once he's like one of these you're gonna one of these days
it's not gonna work anymore and you're going to regret it and I was like yeah yeah I don't think so maybe not
that it doesn't work but you know it's just not they don't want it as much as we do you know it's now like now I'm
like it's like watching and tell me lie and it lies and I'm like you know from one body here like to throw down on like
should I buy like a dummy or something like yeah you got to work at it you know
it's harder and there's still times I mean yeah there's there's time it's weird
because we're we're also as you age there's not you know you get set in your routines
you know like I like for me personally I'm way more open to it in the morning
yeah and he is not so it's like you know that that kind of stuff like we have to
work at that kind of stuff but you know getting back to the movie and you know how it it really did
it really did bring this stuff up I'm sure for a lot of people that watch the
movie and but I'm so happy that I'm at a place in my life where I no longer blame
myself for what happened I no longer feel shame about it even though it is an
intrusive thought that can pop up and um I think about it probably more than I want to but when I do it doesn't feel
the way it did right yeah when I was younger um and and you know Justin helped me
with that because you know he was a guy that can he understood consent you know and
it's like it doesn't matter if we're literally having sex if I tell you to stop you gotta stop you know right
that's that's and in the conversation we just are talking about it way more
Where You Know It's Just Happening you know it's it's it's so good it's so so
so so good and and yeah I had this conversation with my son last night
you know about appropriateness and boundaries and you
know he was telling me that he had a conversation with another girl that is a friend and you know he has a lot of
friends who are girls and you know what's appropriate age-wise even he
thinks about like he's 18 now he I've never had
I've had conversations but I've never had this conversation with him where you now need to be careful because you're a
senior and you're 18 and most of the girls in your class are not 18 and they
are younger and he said that he's like what do you think he's like you know is
a good you know he's like so and so says two years no more than two years younger
I think three's okay and I said well you got to think about it this way now you're 18. it's not appropriate for you
to date a 15 year old right he's like and I said I know you are not he's not
interested in having sex with girls I mean he is interested in finding someone to love I know that he's like emotional
part of it and we've had conversation I said look he feels like sex is something that is for marriage and I've explained
to him look you're gonna have a girlfriend in the next few years and it's okay to have sex with her when you love each other you don't have to wait
till you're married and he said well I'll cross that bridge when I get to it so I I feel he has that
healthy you know he's had girlfriends he had a girlfriend once that was like hot to trot you know in his paint wanting to
be in his pants and he's like you know he's like she would put you know my son obviously tells me a lot he's like she's what put my hands on her breasts and I
would feel terrible like I was invading or something and I'm like yeah and I'm like listen it's normal that's normal
you just got to be careful well you're not ready I think boys have more pressure like to be ready way sooner and
and they really are not I mean they're not already and yeah like good for him
for at least you know feeling like he's crazy about it yeah and good for you that you know you've done that kind of a
great job parenting where he can talk to you yeah that's incredible yeah so anyway
back to the movie I do I like so basically what happens is while she's
doing this documentary she made an agreement with the director that she'd not be around Dean the guy that survived
and he shows up in the middle of her interview and he wants to talk to her because he's afraid she's gonna out him
and she runs out of it and then she writes a paper on it because she's a
writer and she hands it to her editor and her editor hands it back to her and she says no you're not you don't write a
fluffy piece about this you don't sugarcoat it you write it with the raw details like no one's watching and that
is what she did and they it gets published in New York Times she ends up confronting Dean privately
and he tells her if you go public with this I'm gonna make it worse I'm going to double down on my claims and finally
she breaks them down and he admits that what he uh what he did and that she was a victim and she was recording it and
she was recording it and I thought she was going to go public with it but she didn't she kept it for her for her it
healed her her validation that she didn't so then this paper when the New
York Times is going to publish it she at the rehearsal dinner for her wedding she
shows her fiance and he knows she's going through this but he has a complete meltdown and well he didn't realize what
had happened to her no he only knew her little little version that she was before she actually confronted this
right she had given him kind of a you know version yeah yeah
but he is from this prominent family and he looks at her and says why why now we're getting married why do you have to
tell every detail why do you basically he's ashamed and this leads to a fight and she tells him that she doesn't want
to marry him because she he's another box she's checked off to make to validate herself and they end
up going their own separate ways and the article gets published and she's on you know she you know basically gets her 15
minutes of fame and she's been invited on The Today Show and she speaks and she's you know you see her moving
forward she is starting this new life with a new Fresh perspective of being
healed I've been Vindicated and I love that the final scene yeah and Vindicated she's walking out of The Today Show and
a woman approaches her and says you're Tiffany fanelli and she had changed her
name she had gone you know she was going by Ani instead of Tiffany because she was embarrassed that she didn't want
anyone to know who she was and this woman says to her I know Dean blah blah
blah he's a great advocate for guns and this and that and you're tearing I
really hope that your 15 minutes of fame is worth tearing down a lifetime of his
work or something like look really like victimizes her like puts it back on her and she she
was I don't remember what she said but she walks away for a minute and she turns around she goes I don't know she goes what you know I
don't remember your name because I've forgotten already but [ __ ] you and she walks over turns and walks away like good for you like yeah she stood up for
herself yeah you know that's the thing it's not just men that victim blame it's women too you know and
nothing hurts my heart more than to see another woman like a woman turn on another woman
um that that's in a horrible situation like that or have been through trauma you know and I try you know it's it's
listen I'm guilty of it like you know I've been guilty of it in my life where girls like you know saying that she was
raped and I'm like um but were you you know what I mean like I've tried really really hard to
not believer first you know believe her first unless
there's evidence to show otherwise you have to believe her first and the reality is that the percentage
is less than one percent I believe but I'd have to double check that statistic
um Sunny Hosten on The View who was a um she was a federal prosecuting
attorney for many years and she worked in sex crimes so she talks about this quite a bit but the actual percentage of
people that make these allegations up is less than one percent of all alleged
victims and because people like to say that like oh well you know anybody can say anything and how are you going to
prove you know it's like well if you look at statistics that doesn't yeah you know and then
shame on you if you are making something up I think I've always said you should be going to jail for something like that
because it's horrific but you know it's I I like I tell my girls
all the time you know a big thing for me is don't [ __ ] shame like I'm trying to teach them that now
um and they're like well mommy she's like yeah I'm like I don't care and you know it's normally a girl that's a mean
girl so they're going for the low-hanging fruit and she's a not a nice person but
I'm like it doesn't matter go for her in another area but don't [ __ ] shame her that's not okay like it's it's just not
and that's another part of this whole puzzle that as a woman raising women
hey you know these this is not okay just like it's not okay for a boy to do it it's not okay for you to do it either
and people make things up and oh you know we know in high school it's like the rumor bill was out of control and
half the time the [ __ ] wasn't true I mean I remember hearing rumors about girls sleeping with so many guys and
then like I get like friendly with that girl just by happenstance and find out
no and now what no that's not happening you know what I mean so if it happens in your adult life too I mean I think but
yeah it's it's a big one for me the [ __ ] shaming and typically anyone especially
a young person like that if it's true if they were truly raped
they are in Shock they are terrified they are ashamed they are feeling so
many terrible feelings it's they're not going to be running around just shouting it from the rooftops to anybody that'll
listen they're going to go to somebody that they trust you know people that so like in the band you know I trust you
guys I'm telling you this happened to me and it's pretty clear I mean now granted
it's just like anything someone can be raped and not act like what you expect
so you you know but I just think with young people especially they're not as good at
covering that up you know maybe as adults can be but you know that's a very
good example and you know I tell my girls when someone says something like that to them encourage them any way you can to report
it or at least talk to their parents about it you know but you know it's I've
never heard my girls say that someone accused someone else and they didn't believe
them you know and most of the stories I've heard it was yeah I could totally see
that guy being capable of that honestly um but there's even been some girl on
girl wow well stories that they've told me yeah you know it because you know it's
like my my one daughter who's gay and has only had relationships with girls
um there's been a couple that she it went too far and
same thing you know there was stuff happening that they weren't you know agreeing to they weren't consenting to
and they said they were raped by another girl you know so it's like we have a
whole slew of fluidity now you know too and you know a lot of they're way more open to
experimenting and you know of course if you add an alcohol you know
and not I would say I would venture to say almost every single time that I've heard one of these stories somebody was
drinking or a smoking pot or something mainly drinking but you know and
I think you know I always tease them I'm like are you gay because you're scared
of wieners [Laughter] Georgia Georgia loves to say yeah no
no but I mean they they're very cautious they're very cautious tonight is Abby's
homecoming dance and she's excited and she's super cute and so excited for her well she
wants to go to a party after now this is very out of character for Abby and I'm actually kind of
encouraging it because it's her and her good friend and they're both super great
girls and you know doing everything right and I'm like look go have fun like you don't
have to get plastered you know just go goof around and whatever button however
you know be careful you don't know what's going to put in at that time
or you know you don't leave anything no no don't be alone with a boy
you know make sure your friend knows where you're at at all times you know all that kind of stuff I mean it's like
it is what it is but so it's like I want her to go have fun but I'm scared you know I'm always
scared you know so it's and and with my traumas you know my girls have made
totally different choices than I did they really have I'm sure there's stuff they've done that I don't know anything about but I mean I'm not an idiot yeah
but they are definitely not living the life that I lived and making the choices I made and I have to remind myself of
that sometimes because I don't want them to be afraid to have fun and and
experience life well and I think as parents we make them more aware than what we were at that age
we have more open conversations with them and they feel like yeah they have a
better oh they have a better home life than we had you know they they I think
we I know we're better parents and you know they're not trying to get
away from us you know like like I feel like I was you know I just wanted to escape
any way that I could and thank God our kids don't feel that way you know but um
yeah you know I just I've already been praying about it and I'm like I pray that she just has a fantastic time
feels beautiful because she is and just has fun you know but
we'll see she's my little my little mini me looks wise anyway all right well this
one it went an hour and a half so if you're still here thank you for listening uh check out our website got a
few new things uh some merch blog posts
um whatnot and if you're not following us on Instagram we are honestly the
honestly unfiltered podcast and Ali is the you know she's I am Ellie Davis and
I am, IAMJENITHOMAS on Instagram so well I am Ellie David yes what'd I say
Davis Davis yeah oh sorry that's okay you're saying it you've got a lot to say yeah
anywho thank you for listening if you've made it this far again and uh we look
forward to I don't know bringing you more running our bounds some more thank
you thanks for listening to our [ __ ] have a good night everybody bye