Nov. 21, 2022

The Great Ticketmaster War

Did you try to purchase Taylor Swift concert tickets this week? Find out if we were successful. Jeni and Ellie had a front-row seat to the debacle and broke down what went wrong. They also discuss Taylor Swift's statement about the mess.

Jeni and Ellie also discuss The Netflix Series, The Crown, and everything related to The Institution.

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[Music] I'm Jeni Thomas and I'm her friend
Ellie David, we decided to create a podcast that embodies what you would talk about with your closest friends so
sit back and relax and put your headphones in because you're listening to the honestly unfiltered podcast
hello and welcome to another episode of the honestly unfiltered podcast Ellie
how are you I'm okay uh yeah I'm kind of tired today I was
babysitting I'm sure you guys have heard before um but it's my daughter's 25th birthday
today and she went away for she's starting the tradition that we have with
going away with her best friend they just went for a night um you know and just having some girl time
so I was giving dad a little bit of relief today because he's been on his
own completely and I babysat so it was a good day but yeah
I'm I'm definitely uh I'm tired she's exhausting I mean seriously
but I'm okay how are you just peachy
that's the same as saying fine that's not good yeah it's been a rough weekend so it's been a rough week it's been yeah
just a show so yeah same I mean today was probably the
bright spot in the week because Justin was home you know we were able to all you know
Abby was here you know we were able to you know all be here and hang out with her so it wasn't like
that horrible today it was it was like finally a positive positive thing that always helps yeah
it's hard to be um stressed or unhappy or you know in your physical stuff I'm able
to just put all that aside when she's around so yeah it's nice yeah take a break yeah of
course well where do we begin to get into this
I guess we need to just rip the Band-Aid off and talk about this Taylor Swift nightmare yeah I don't even want
to talk about it I'm still so upset but it's like totally we need to talk about it and it's relevant but it's just so
confusing and I still don't understand everything that's happening and I don't know what
if he can or if she will or no can do you know I you know it's like I don't
know I mean I'm holding hope that there will still be opportunities oh there will be there will be yeah so you know
that's all we can do really but the actual physical sadness that we were
feeling that day and the day after I mean it was I had to giggle at myself I'm like you
are a 42 year old woman get your together but it wasn't for me it was for my girls I'm like you know
this I could care less if I go I mean I want to go to her concert but
if they had tickets if I was able to at least secure that I would be fine you know I was more disappointed for
them but you know what what the hell I mean I I don't know at least you were able to get
tickets I was and I'll be honest with you and not to look a gift horse in the
mouth they're the most horrible seats you could ever imagine they're behind the stage they're up top as high as you can
go I'd be closer to God than Taylor Swift stage or Taylor Swift and
um you know that was the literally the only section I was able to buy I got on like
you at you know quarter to ten and you got right in I immediately was sent to the queue
and I and that happened because you went right in I paused for a second to grab
my code because in the past you need that code to get into the room to buy
the tickets that's what I thought that's what I expected and that that's that would have eliminated half of the
problems right there oh yeah so I you know I was on my phone because I was
at work luckily I have a wonderful boss who knew what was going on and said hey
go in the conference room um you know for a few minutes you know if it's not gonna take more than five
ten minutes then I proceeded to just stay in the queue from what I'm gathering you weren't able to buy the
tickets because I couldn't remember I know that you did you initially click on
some and then you wanted to go to Club or was it you just no I no I it took I
did I'm telling you right now it took me just a quick second to kind of figure out how to look at everything
not long and then I was like okay I just started clicking click and I I would get
four tickets it would go in to my cart I would have that little next the minute I
picked next it was kicking me out and that's what it was doing to everybody like six or seven times yeah and that's
what I was doing to everybody and and I'll tell you from just being a frequent ticket buyer when you want to do those
tickets hit your car you have seven minutes to check out so it shouldn't have been that way when uh By the time
finally at like 1 45 it you know all of a sudden my bar started moving
and it let me into the room the tick the Capital One sale didn't start until two
so that was 15 minutes I kept clicking around and the only tickets that were
available were like 6.99 7.99 because they were VIP Dynamic pricing which
means that Ticketmaster was raising the price according to according to demand
well they already knew what the demand was going to be so that was just and from everything I read
Taylor Swift she had to say so she could have said turn off the dynamic pricing
that's what Ed Sheeran did in 2018 with his tour so I I got in I it wouldn't let
me click on these sections I was clicking and clicking and it kept saying if I wanted to put two in my car it
asked me for the code it kept that at the code and I kept putting the code in it kept saying invalid and I'm like what
what do you mean invalid and so which it was hap that was happening to a lot of people so I went back and I'm so I'm
copying pasting and then instead so I'm making sure I get it right and then two
o'clock hit and it was the Capital One Capital One sale so at that point I'm
looking at my phone and I'm seeing all of these sections that were lit up with tickets go gray like there's no more
left and I'm like holy crap well you know so I quickly finally I'm clicking
the only tickets that would let me click on were section 318 way up next to the scoreboard by the stage up top not even
across the way so I just clicked on four and got him and click and I I was like I felt was the price still good at that
time I paid 150 a piece not too bad not too bad to get into a
table that's a lot but a lot for where it is I mean it's limited view and and that's what I meant when I was
telling you if I had gotten those shitty seats but at that price I'd be okay with
it me personally yeah because I'd be like it I'm getting in my girls were saying the same thing they
were like we don't care but to you know I keep going back into like StubHub and stuff and those are the
only seats available and they want like you know over 500 a ticket the tickets in my section are going for 700 a piece
yeah and don't and and let me I mean don't think that I haven't thought about
putting them up for the for sale for the pure reason that then I can buy better
seats for this practically the same amount of money because you can get an 800 ticket like further down and so that
might be at an even washed so you're like selling yours at a high price to to buy better ones at a high price which
doesn't make it right it just there's no reason yeah but why not play the game I mean yeah I don't know I mean yes I'm
pissed at people that are taking advantage and yes I'm not even pissed at them though I'm pissed that there wasn't
more protection yes and they knew it was going to happen and they knew what was coming there was just no excuse for it
and I wouldn't blame you I wouldn't blame you at all you know I would just be scared at this point that I wouldn't
be able to get more yeah to do anything because I I just don't trust any of this at this
point no it's just my only thing is is that I know so they're not completely
sold out let's just put it this way they there should have been a limited amount there's normally in the past a limited
amount of tickets available for the pre-sale when those are gone they're gone
then there should be a limited amount of tickets available for Capital One buyers and when they're gone they're gone and
then there's the tickets for the general public so I truly the reason they
canceled the sale wasn't because there's no tickets left it's because they're holding them because they don't know
what to do at this point and they're being investigated I think that Taylor Swift did that I
think she pulled the trigger on that I really do and I've seen some things about it at the very I mean I'm giving
her you know what do you say just some credit here Playing devil's advocate
but yes there's things that she could have done to prevent and help I think she did
trust that they you know were telling her they were telling her that they
could handle this volume and she was believing it you know is what she says but my thing is
you know how are you saying you didn't expect what was going to happen that happened because why were you giving so
many codes out then right you should have kept it didn't work that didn't work well yeah that too but there's you
know how many literally they can total up every stadium and how many people they can hold I know they did that and
you do the numbers and it's like okay pre-sale there's only you know whatever it was a million or whatever you know
and then that's it there's no more codes they claimed that they over sent the
codes because typically 40 of people that get a code don't actually buy tickets
they were wrong if that's the case that was a big risk
and here you know and here they said that you know Bots took over and bought all those tickets
you know these scalpers that have these systems okay well why wasn't there any kind of robot thing that you click on
you know the stoplights or whatever when you get in there was nothing there was no protection you just were right in I
mean it was they it was it was just a landmine waiting to happen
it was all of the I mean all of the I mean literally before I even
got into the room there were tons there were thousands of tickets on StubHub for sale before anybody can get into that
room you know another thing I have Taylor's statement here and it's and I I know we have to
remember that there is Taylor the person and Taylor the the Enterprise the
business the corporation it was a half-assed apology yeah I agree it goes
without saying I'm extremely protective of my fans we've been doing this for decades there are multiple reasons why
people had a hard time yeah there are she asked if they can handle it blah blah blah blah and then she says for all
those who didn't get tickets all I can say is my hope to provide more opportunities in the future okay so
basically she's saying sorry about your luck at that point you know yeah there's nothing I can do when I go on tour again
you can fight like hell again then again Ed Sheeran when this happened in 2018
and a ton of scalpers immediately bought his tickets he had Ticketmaster
cancel any ticket that was on a scalping site those people got refunds and then
the tickets got back released into the general public so that's another reason I've been afraid to buy any tickets on
the scalper site because then the person that buys it gets screwed because so that's what I mean I'm waiting to see if
she will actually do anything substantial and and it's going to be a
really a damn shame if she doesn't don't say you love your fans and allow this to go by clearly you're
naming things right now that other artists have done so here's your chance Taylor like
make the big move you know I mean I'm not putting it all on her you know
Ticketmaster and Live Nation I agree this is some Monopoly that should have
been and they've they've been under investigation for a while now
and now this is definitely seriously though not a serious not as seriously as it should be it's moving very slow yeah
but all of a sudden it's reignited because uh maybe that's pretty crazy when you have Congress people and
Senators you know going yo yo yo you know people couldn't get Taylor Swift tickets you know I mean it's like well
he took this step for it to to move in that direction and the artists are beholden to them just as much as we are
beholden to to buy the tickets because Pearl Jam in the 90s their perfect
example they decided that they were not going to go through Ticketmaster they yep and they couldn't book big venues
because the venues only worked with Ticketmaster I say you know and that's the thing it's the venue you know and
yeah they were having to play it like you know I don't know softball fields no but it was all these weird locations but
they tried to give them the middle finger they have yeah Pearl Jam is a good example too because even though they couldn't fight it and had to
continue to work with them they did they have all kinds of stipulations in place for their fans so yeah you know part of
it is you know what's what's the most important thing to you capitalizing the most or making
sure your fans get to capitalize the experience the most you know I don't know I I'm I'm just disappointed
it's very disappointing and it's just I've been you know we've all been saying this about Ticketmaster for years their
fees are exorbitant Ashton just bought tickets to the 97X festival at the fair
um at the fairgrounds at the amphitheater for the first weekend December four tickets the four pack was
133 and I was like oh cool that's great when you when you went to check out it
was suddenly 202 I literally I was like oh I must have I must have picked up two packs by accident and I emptied the cart
and started over because I was like oh no those are the fees when the fees cost
as much as the ticket or nearly half the amount that's and you don't know up
front what it is it's it's just magically when you check out there's the fees yeah no it's it's you have to
remember though they there's about I want to say 20 000 tickets for each
venue that have not been released the reserved for promotional purposes for
friends for family for this for that and closer to the concert time those tickets
will be released a lot of people say they buy tickets a couple hours before
the show because they're the cheapest because suddenly they go down because they want to unload them would I wait
that long for Taylor Swift probably not no but I know as the time goes on these tickets are gonna get cheaper and you
have to look at it this way with yes technically it's a sellout but if all of these fans decide to
revolt and not actually buy the tickets on the scalping sites for thousands of
dollars teller's gonna show up to an empty Stadium yeah because technically those are not
seat those are not seats those are tickets that are just out there for sale
well and that's that's what I'm hoping is that collectively as fans we go no
you know we're not going to do that and if everybody would really stick with that and not do it I think it could have
a big impact and and help people get tickets closer to the show but we'll see I mean I told I told the
girls we just need to keep an eye you know on Ticketmaster and on StubHub
um you know my feeling is that if they do it might be kind of it's not I wonder if they're gonna
really announce it no they won't it's quietly it's gonna be let's be quiet I would keep checking
their site daily because those tickets are going to be put just quietly
released to the population something's being worked out right now I mean this is a PR nightmare oh yeah it
is for for both I think the only thing that's being worked out is they're trying to figure out how to save their asses take a master is and not being
broke up broken up yeah and but I mean I think Taylor is probably in
discussion with them you know and trying to figure something out but what that is I mean I don't know yeah and again maybe
I'm just being hopeful wishful thinking I don't think she is I think by her statement she pretty much was done out
of it and done and maybe there's nothing to at this point I'm sure contracts have been signed
agreements you know whatever they are they are I mean I've I've I I
honestly I know what those venue contracts look like just from where I work and it's an agreed amount that I mean this
she doesn't get every portion every dollar that goes to that ticket a good portion of that goes to the venue they
get very little actually they do my understanding yeah it's like pennies not very little but yeah yeah when you talk
about percentage-wise how about on a 100 ticket they probably only get about four
or five bucks yeah because they get the fee from the venue to play from the promoter and the
prom then you know it all goes through a promoter who's who's doing that and you know I did appreciate how many
extra shows she added yes which to me that also was like they knew they
definitely knew before the pre-sale like oh you know like I think the up started with the codes they
that up and then they were just chasing their tails and there was nothing they could do about it at that point but my
thing is you know Banks all over this world are able to handle transactions millions
of transactions every single day at a time so why could they do it
but Ticketmaster can't and if they that doesn't make sense to me I mean what the logical thing to be
would have done is to stagger each venue on a certain day starting with the concerts that were
sooner or even okay East Coast the tickets go on sale at 10 A.M at your
venue's time then you get on and buy them and that would have cut out for me four times and that would have cut out a
quarter of the you know the tickets yeah so they're saying that like they wanna
they wanna create those I think what they said is she they're waiting for her to release her International dates in
Canada before they put the rest of the tickets on sale because that way it
eliminates people in Canada and people internationally that want to come to the United States to see her yeah now there
were a lot of things that could have been done and weren't it's it's disappointing for sure and there's
people all over the place I've seen so many videos of people saying oh I got I
paid fourteen hundred dollars for nosebleeds tickets why did I do that and they're like buyer's remorse like you
know it's I know somewhat my friend's daughter personally she caught on and
she grabbed the first two she could she got luckily she got two floor seats and spent nine
hundred dollars for floor seats and twos tickets I would have spent that but she said that she had no idea what she was
buying she she thought she she didn't know she had no idea what was in the cart and what she was buying until she
was like she had a budget and she was like okay that'll work whatever she just yeah she's like she had a credit card
and that was it and she went she didn't know where her seats were until she got the email of Confirmation and then she
was like oh my God I lucked out because yeah so and I could be happy for people like that you know what I mean like I'm
totally happy for any Swifty that their dream came true you know however they had to do it but it's it makes you just
feel sick in your stomach to know that so many people that are not Swift fans
just it up for everybody and to have tickets in the 300 level that were bundled in a package of merchandise I
mean I can understand paying 700 a ticket if you're going to meet her afterwards because that's what a true VIP ticket is but to pay 700 each for
just to be in the third section front rows is ridiculous I mean because it's a
VIP that Ticketmaster bundled that's I agree the floor tickets should be you
know VIP or even part of the first level but not not the nosebleeds
I I don't need your birch as a bird being a part of this no I can get your
merch and I have gotten your merge any day of the week right I let me get my tickets and not to mention when you know
when you're there there's going to be busloads of merch for you to purchase yes don't worry about that then
you'll don't worry Taylor you'll get my money right but let us just get our
tickets first right you know I mean Jesus Christ yeah I don't I love her I
will never not love her you know but you can't you know it's just disappointing uh you can't help it you know very very
disappointing so well what are we going to talk about next
I've spent about as much time on that as I can yeah after this week because it was that was a big part of the week that
was a very big part of the week a big part of our mental space because we were so so excited about it
you know yeah go ahead no last week my vacation was canceled my trip to Wilmington this week is the Taylor Swift
tickets I mean I can't handle anymore I really felt like every day I was
getting disappointed it would be like thought I had salsa and I would go look for my salsa
and it wasn't there I'm like you know what just my life okay because but it was like one thing after another
you know yeah and I was being so dramatic I'm like I just can't have anything I want I guess
that's insane I mean God so yeah well I finished the crown
did you finally finished it today okay good I limited myself to like one
episode a night so the big talking point it seems that I
keep hearing about is the character the actor who plays Charles yes he was way
too good looking good sorry sentiment sorry he was way
too charismatic and good looking to be Charles Dominic West there you go my goodness my
brain's not working at all I'm a little mixed with it you know I feel like although I in my opinion yes he's he's
more attractive than Charles by far but if you if you think back to the
Heyday when this was all happening in real time although Charles was not
you know a super hot guy women were into him he was a prince he's
a prince you know and he you know definitely was intelligent and you know things like that I I think that they
were trying to soften him a little bit and I mean I you know again this is we
don't nobody knows what was really going on you know people the crown is not a documentary no but I have a feeling they
get a lot of information from inside sources yeah for sure but it's just one
of those things where I felt like they definitely were being a little kinder to him oh yeah with the writing and you
know but but it was interesting I was buying it I'm like you know maybe there is something to this you know it's like
I don't have a lot of sympathy for Charles no I don't either I never did you know and I felt like you know it's
hard to do the right thing but if you're if you're going to say I'm going to get
married and and be married to this woman have children with her you don't have a mistress I know that's
how things were done but it's wrong that's why those things in our society are becoming or have become not
normalized anymore it's not okay to do that okay I'm that's fine that it happened and everybody else was doing it
I still think you're an like and I still think you you know treated this woman horribly in
my opinion I agree and you were a bad husband you know and so it was it was a different light to see him in I had a
little more compassion you know for well for all of them when you realize you know what they were up against with the
press and the institution and I I can imagine that that's out of this world
you know difficult a lot of people's lives are difficult like what do you want me to say like it
doesn't give you an excuse to be a piece of no like you know I have even less sympathy for Camilla because if she
would have I it's it's in my I truly feel that she never let go of him she
never it was she constantly held on to him if she would have walked away
completely when she got married and cut all ties he wouldn't have hung on that
long in my opinion yeah there's always that lost love thing she was I mean her
her husband even accepted it they all knew you saw on the scene where they were playing cards and games and he
called and they were basically like they knew she was checking out to go talk to
Charles and I honestly feel like they were both grabbing at Power yeah I think
her husband thought he would just stay along for the ride and eventually it would benefit him and I believe Camilla
was of the same mindset you know and I I think I've said this before I've always
had this thing with her and maybe it's because of her age I mean she wasn't that much older than him but she was a
little older than him I felt like I don't know like she was just very manipulative you know and like knew how
vulnerable he was and kind of played to that to her advantage and she knew how
vulnerable Diana was and yeah being forced to be friends with her and take
her when she took her to lunch and to basically reveal the intimate and
increase things and oh he doesn't like this and and he doesn't like that and it's obvious that you've had that you
have some more than a friendship with him she knew at that point how else is
Diana supposed to feel yeah by then it was too far into it for her to back out yeah she thought
I think Diana as far as that goes because the difference between her and Charles where I feel like Charles could have said no I'm not going to do this I
don't care what my responsibility is I'm in love with another woman period it's not gonna happen Diana I truly believe
was falling in love with him yeah and was a young woman young I mean how old
was she like 18 19 21 21 something like that and I think she made the mistake
that so many women do that it'll it'll get better it'll change he'll fall in love with me he'll forget about her and
he was lying in the beginning so I think that she was more manipulated you know and then yes she was stuck
you know but he he kept her I think he kept her you know when she would start to kind of pull away he'd pull her back
in you know and keep keep her going you know and It's just sad it's just sad to see
and that there were times when I believed that they were truly happy when
they went to Australia you could see it in the pictures and things like that he would look at her like he was proud of
her and that he was his wife and going back but then you know there are rumors that at those
times then Camilla would come back even stronger to put her you know she would see what was going on and she'd pull him
back and so he could never get into a Groove with her because I believe that
yeah so I I think he could have fallen in love with her and they could have been happy had Camilla let go and then
truly walked away but she never let go of him for a second the saddest thing really is that she did finally get to
get divorced and Diana and was finally looking at what could be
a happy future for herself you know that's that's ultimately the saddest thing now I thought this was the last
season of the crown no next season but it definitely is not okay because I was like wait a minute as soon as they're
filming right now yeah hold on but so I'm happy about that yeah but um
yeah I don't know did you have you read or heard much about
Harry's new book I have apparently it's causing it to see over
there across the pond horse um you know it's obviously top secret
but it's I mean by the name of it spare it's going too right you basically focus
on his I mean let's face it if even if Diana if they would have had a third
child it probably would have been better for Harry because yeah the focus he was
brought up truly as a spare to take his brother's place to have if anything
should happen to him I think for a man like him it was probably hard to find
his place so and then losing his mother so young but you know uh it's their
Harry and Megan's Netflix series is going to air next month
okay a statement came out from what I am hearing a lot of back channels
is that Harry and Megan are not in a good place because I'm getting that kind
of Whispers of that too and I'm like is this a thing or what because he's
you know after going home for his grandmother's funeral he's now I think
he doesn't feel it's the time and place to air the dirty laundry and I think he sees that his father has offered him an
olive branch and he doesn't want to all over it for lack of a better word I think that
he but he's releasing his book he he doesn't have a choice they gave him a 35
million dollar advance so unless someone's coughing that back
up I mean Simon Schuster I think that's who has it they're gonna make well above that you
know oh yeah it's so that's not something I mean they already had the manuscript prior to
Elizabeth's death so it was supposed to actually be released before Christmas
but he convinced them to hold it a little longer because of that but no I I think so I so
I hear that they're fighting because now with the Netflix he really kind of wanted to pull back on all this and
she's moving forward gun's blazing with her Vendetta against the family yeah but he's also stuck I mean he's in America
with his if he goes what's he gonna do if they get divorced the kids stay here you know he loves those kids so much
there's no way I hope it's not true I mean but I will say that I think just it's a it's
so much strain on a marriage and you think just the Queen's passing and what
that's been like for him especially um you know and what that does with all
the stuff with his mom for both him and William because the queen and they show that in the crown
quite a bit she really was a mother figure yeah to them and they it seems like they were
very close which they both said they were close they've been close to her but yeah I mean I don't know with Megan you
know I just at the beginning I loved her me too and something shifted and it's like I
don't trust her or something or I I feel like she's putting on a a different face
something there's something weird there it's like literally she speaks and I'm like and I just you know and I'm like I
don't know and it's not I have no opinion I have no negative opinion anyway about the two of them and their
marriage and I support everything they've done and there's just something with her now that I'm like you know and
I it's definitely not for the same reasons as the people over there across the pond okay it's just I don't know if
she's had to kind of reinvent herself to be able to handle everything that's
happening that's a that's a real possibility um yeah I don't know I don't like hate
her I just there's just something that it seems off I don't deny
that she wasn't welcomed by the family or the the British people
but you know Kate went under the same scrutiny as she did you know they would
call her middle class Kate well I think it was probably a little bit more brutal with Megan just because of her biracial
status there was nothing she can do right if she put her hands on her belly too much when she was pregnant it was oh
she's obsessed with her bump if she didn't it was she was heartless it was one thing after another now is she
taking it a little too far at this point like really I mean her premise of her
podcast is the archetype you fall into you know the stereotypes and the roles and this and it feels like it's very
directed at the monarchy their system now we've all seen that we've all seen
that Charles wants to bring a more modern monarchy and that his mother was stuck in the old ways and we knew that
that couldn't happen until her passing I mean you know I I don't know it's just it's so I mean all families have drama
but I really think that at this point the glove the gloves need to come off
and you need to let bygones make bygones and how fun how much money are you going to continue to make at at the cost of
those people yes we all know that they have their faults and it's a broken institution but at least they're not
chopping off heads anymore you know well look she signed up for it yeah and
she didn't know I mean a million percent and
you know it I think you hit the nail on the head though that's how she's making money both of them yes they came here
with not a whole lot and had to make money and what else do they offer
right I mean nothing he has done wonderful charitable things but as far as career right he was in the military
but what else is he doing she's an actress not doing that anymore so and
let's face it she wasn't exactly of Julia Roberts caliber no no she was
b-list at best c-list really kind of unknown you know I didn't know
who the hell she was no you know which good for her so it's
like I get it but yeah how long are you gonna ride this horse you know how much money do you need I mean I don't think
she's sitting around all hurt about it no you know I don't think she's hurt at all at this point I think she's fine
she's moved on she's got her man she's got her kids life is grand life is beautiful I think
it's just she's capitalizing well you know and here both of them are both of them are Harry wants to say that because
of who he is that their security is a million dollars a month and you know
their biggest the reason all this was was because her children wasn't weren't going to have security and all that okay
you need security because you're not safe then you do not move to the place
where all of the celebrities are and like you move right to the heart of like
wherever the other San Bernardino they're on a block with Oprah and Rob Lowe and all of that okay so you moved
to this exclusive neighborhood where all of these celebrities are where you pretty much need security I mean I'm
surprised they're not in Calabasas with the Kardashians I mean if you wanted really wanted a quiet life okay move to
some island in the Bahamas go to the mountains of Idaho or nor get a compound
in North Dakota where no one's going to find you or see you or the middle of Ireland or yeah
Canada or Canada I mean Canada but yeah
some anywhere that I agree with that I agree with that wholeheartedly you know it's like I agree that the safety issues
were horrible in the UK for her yeah and for her mental health I'm not denying it
existed but yeah you're you you were definitely
making poor choices with where you relocated my friend but and that can still be fixed yeah you
don't have to stay there no sell the freaking place and and make better choices here you know but um rich people
problems like yeah okay I'm sorry you know I don't know you know
but you still have to find a way to make money mm-hmm you know and I don't know I mean I'm I'm
sure they have all kinds of things going on but
I'm sick of hearing about it I mean that Whole Foods sorry
no yeah no I say I'm sick of hearing about it of course I get so excited when the crown is released but
yeah it's not that I don't want to hear about it at all I I don't mind hearing
about it from Harry no because Harry has more than every right in this world to share his everyone has
a right to share their truth right full stop but as far as the royal family goes
I believe my feeling Megan has said all she needs to say yeah it's like what is enough and we heard her we listened we
watched the Oprah interviews yeah absolutely Harry we've been on
board with Harry since his birth okay like 80 percent so anything they need to say and they
feel like needs to get out there let them be the ones to do it right that's my opinion you know I I just she means
that just cut it out at this point let me get your opinion on something because I I'm seeing a lot of I'm seeing a lot
of chitter chatter about it again okay do you believe that someone inside the royal family had Diana murdered you know
I I don't know I don't know I struggle with it a lot
um because the the bigger let me just say this the bigger part of me does not believe that
the bigger part of me I feel like if someone did
want her gone and would actually do something about it I really don't think it came from
them I feel like it came from I don't know you know like Phillip you
think I truly do I truly do listen when you see yeah it wouldn't surprise
me I and if it was Philip I I really don't think the queen knew about it maybe she
found out about that but a thousand percent I don't think the queen knew and and and if he did I don't think he he
went to his grave yeah oh yeah oh yeah I don't I don't think he told the queen I don't think he told anyone right
um so it's possible I mean I mean if you look at all of the facts
the cameras weren't working in the tunnel it was it was a long time I I
don't have the favorite facts in front of me but it was something like an hour before or 45 minutes before an ambulance
got to them the ambulance that took Diana was they didn't take her to the
nearest hospital they took her to a hospital an hour away it was you know maybe these are all verified facts these
are all verified facts yeah I haven't I've heard things over the years but I've never like gone down the rabbit
hole Yeah myself so yeah they're all verified attacks it's just weird to me because why because you couldn't
smearing there he couldn't marry Charles could not marry according to the Church
of England again unless his wife was deceased okay even if he was divorced even if he was divorced and you hear it
you know you hear it in the last episode of the crown the way she says yes but your wife is still alive you know the
man you cannot marry unless but why would Philip really give a if he could get married again I think that Philip saw her as a
liability I think that I mean that part she spoke out so often against the crown
I don't believe it had anything to do with the Dodie you know fiad situation
because I think that happened rather quickly I think he was a casualty of it
but I I think they saw that she was going to be a liability as who she dated
where she went and you have to remember she's the mother of the Future King so yeah she she's not going anywhere she's
an intricate part of her children's lives I think they knew that it would be easier without her in the picture I mean
think about it now think about now the popular what what would be happening if she was still alive
and Charles was in and you know with Elizabeth gone and Charles and Camilla were about to take the throne you'd
still be seeing the queen mother because that's what Diana you know
eventually would be yeah with William you know and yeah can you
imagine that is really but you know it's like I mean yeah when you when you lay it out like that yes I believe it's
totally possible it's sad to think that it's true yeah you know heartbreaking
but um surprising no we see those kinds of horrific things happening anywhere
there's power oh yeah anywhere there's a power dynamic and you know you wonder
too if she just would have been quiet for longer you know what I mean like had
let more time pass before she started spilling the beans if that would have altered the narrative
she was totally manipulated by Martin Brashear though I mean if I yes that was
horrible that made me angry it really did to see a lot because I I hadn't really read much about it you know
obviously I fact checked it after I watched it but to see the level of me except first I was like oh that's
you know they just yeah you know they want to clear their names and air you know that and they just but then
to see the level of manipulation he went to to say they were you know being spied
on and this and that and that managed me in jail for what he did to her I mean he totally manipulated a weak woman you
know as it was again you know wherever there's uh uh
yeah Power grab or money grab or yeah yeah I mean
stop at no cost there's there's no you know internal like moral compass you know and
you just see that and imagine her being in that world and literally not having
anyone that you felt like you could trust right at all and in fact the only person that
I think was really straight with her and had her back in a weird way was the queen mm-hmm oh yeah I think ultimately
she did Love Diana she treated her like a daughter everything that she was
pushing was because that's who the queen was it she was asking Diana to do what
she had done right ultimately like suck it up girl you know just suck it up like she did with her marriage and Charles
she was asking equally of them and on the show and I believe that in real life
I believe so too the queen I'm a big fan I know the problems with the monarchy
I'm not ignoring that but the woman herself you you can have issue with the
institution and still honor that woman and I do and but I I think that she did
she yeah I don't think Diana trusted her like I don't think Diana trusted her fully right but I think had she and had
talked to her maybe more or tried to talk to her get more advice from her it could have helped as well right and get
her closer to her yeah like stayed closer but you know it was a how are you gonna do I mean it's like you're trying
to get the hell out of there you know just get the hell away from all of them they didn't want to talk to her because they didn't want to hear it you know
they wanted to ignore the problem I I do and and as you know you know in
one of the scenes of the crown she said about his divorce as I have decisions to make how it affects me as the Monarch as
a mother and as a head of the Church of England you know it's and she was a very you know religious devout religious
woman I mean she I mean Prince Philip he was he was a bastard let's I mean make no
bones about it even in his 80s he was carrying on with that woman you know Penny
who knows what was going on but I believe there you know by by things I
have read outside of the crown there was something there and she just
had to suck it up and watch him with his temper tantrums and and for him
to say you know we have nothing in common in their 80s when she was just like
and yeah like seriously like I busting my ass over here so you can roam around
now I I do feel like the season showed a very sad it was very sad to see
um you know her struggles with getting older you know the whole you know her
son just basically putting that article out about you know the Queen Victoria's syndrome and and being Monarch for too
long and you know I liked the way she said that they had her you know say to him this is the job it's for life you become
you become king when I'm dead and stop trying to get it sooner you know but how relevant are those topics you know what
I'm saying it's like women are still fighting this misogyny ageism
sexism I mean the list goes on and on and on here she was this incredible
historical figure who had done what very
few people have done or will ever do at this point when you look at you know what's the lifespan of the Monarch you
know the monarch and how many prime ministers she worked with the wars that happened I mean the list
is so long yeah and it was like oh her son a man
would just do a better job because he is younger and he's a man right
let's get her out of there and get you know and it's like I'd love her even more for going how no
nobody's taking this away from me when God takes me for hello who have you people are you new here have you not
been listening to me that's not how I do things right I'm doing it the way you're supposed to in my mind that is when God
tells me to leave this earth that's your your turn buddy you know and I thank her for that me too
you know it's like Charles is a hot mess I don't even know if he's got his
together yet but you know it's like at
least at least there was some more time this woman knew what she was doing she was capable she was credible she was an
amazing amazing accomplished woman and yes it was she was also just a human being she was
and and that's what I think you know I believe that the crown has really tried
to show her in the best light I do too not glossing over mistakes or but
showing a real compassionate you know view of who she was as a human being and
the decision and she was yeah she was everything she was a mom she was a wife she was a sister she was a daughter she
was a friend she was the queen I mean it's just the amount of
things and yes I agree with you Philip is a yeah like he was a
spineless Coward of a man like many of them were back then yeah that couldn't
handle the fact that he was not the most powerful in the relationship yeah and
she in my opinion was constantly trying to make herself smaller yes for him yes
in in their relationships yes and it was never good enough no
no it wasn't and that's sad you know I I know they love each other and I know there were good times too but
I feel like she just deserved better you know she did in my opinion she really
did she would just because she was truly alone you know if anything
what the season showed was that she was truly alone with everything and the
weight of England and her family and you know she had to make these decisions and
even it coming back with Margaret and the officer that she was not allowed to
marry because he was divorced and all of that it was you you saw her very
much alone with her thoughts and even in the end alone on the ship saying goodbye
to it not with her husband alone and that's a lonely pla it's it's lonely
to be alone but it's even more lonely to be alone when you have a a significant other or family they're just not a part
of your life in that way and and it's Brave very much so I feel
like she's just such a brave she was such a brave woman yeah that could have
done things differently could have made the easier choices at times so that people would be you know
like her sister you know she made choices regarding her sister that altered their relationship
that she could have done it differently just to please her right but again she
stayed true to not only am I not going to do that for you because it's not the right thing to
do according to the way we run things in this the institution but yeah
he also did it to herself yeah that's what I loved about her it's like yeah I'm gonna hold everybody to this
standard but I'm the example the buck stops here the same standard applies right and she suffered in silence yeah
in her marriage in my opinion because there was there was no other option no
and you know what I feel like Philip he knew it and he definitely used it to his
Advantage he could get away with almost anything because he knew she would uphold
the Monarch Above All Else and God in her vow to God yeah so
you know I I don't know I just I'm I'm already stoked to see the next season I am too I can't believe we have to wait a
year oh it's always so long but no but that'll be it so it'll be here before you know it
I know what are they saying any like a spring summer when did it usually it's usually in November it's usually this
time of year that's right because once they rap they have about six months in post-production
right they're not good my voice is getting all froggy yeah they're not gonna film The the scene where Diane
they're not going to show the impact they're not going to show her moment of death they're gonna which they'll now they'll
show it happening off which is respectful yes and I think they have been yeah I think
so too I wonder if the Queen ever actually watched any of it you know they say she had and then they
said they had she had and I think she I think I think she must have I do too
because I mean if I were her I would I have to say it didn't show her in a bad light
I if I were her I would have watched the very first like season when I was young and gorgeous and just yeah I hope she
did I hope she did yeah she seems like she has a better sense of humor than anybody realized and yeah was not as
serious now yourself is you know I noticed that they were calling her little bet this
season they've never done that before right that's something they have oh they have okay they have um
maybe because I remember early on I want to say the first season it was a lot
because that was when Dad was still King and she was literally a young girl you
know so that was being thrown around a lot because I remember looking it up like what are they calling her because I did I didn't understand it at first
and I hadn't heard that before I I don't think I'd ever heard it before the show if I'm being honest so right which I
just love it now oh yeah it's adorable I would totally name my kid a little bit
is willing to do a legal name change you know what I just have the perfect idea
because you know my dream dog is a corgi because if it's good enough for the queen it's good enough for me I've got
Justin on board and this is not new guys I've wanted a corgi I mean for a long
time but it was because of the queen just not because of the crown don't get my Corgi and Neymar lilipet there you go
there you go [Music] [Laughter]
like there's probably one million little bit corgis out there already probably now yeah
we are right at the one hour mark so that sounds like a good place to stop
yeah I have to work tomorrow otherwise I'd say let's keep pulling it out maybe we can get another one going this week I
know it's kind of crazy with Thanksgiving and I don't know what you got going on but nothing Wyatt and
Ashton are both working on Thanksgiving so uh I think Ashton was gonna work Friday
but he swapped for Thursday because it's double pay and he wanted to be off on Black Friday I understand I'm riding
solo so we'll see oh dang you can come with me
enter if you dare I think it'd be a good day to sit in my pajamas probably yeah
we're all making turkey sandwich or something but I don't there you go I don't feel like cooking so we'll see throw a turkey in listen if nothing else
yeah turkey sandwich man that's where it's at what yes this doesn't make sense
for me to make a turkey for nobody to be here so well they can eat it when they get home
boo I make a box of stuff there you go yeah there you go all right everybody well
thank you for listening and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you
yes and uh we'll see you next week or maybe later
this week who knows, maybe later take care everybody bye