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Luyi Kathy Zhang

Hospice & palliative care physician/podcaster/coach

Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang is a hospice and palliative medicine physician, author, speaker and transformational life coach. She also hosts The Purpose Filter podcast, the show that helps living people apply dying lessons before it’s too late. Her mission is to bring the clarity, purpose and meaning that comes with confronting one’s mortality to those fortunate enough not to—because everyone deserves to live the life they want with the time they have left. Dr. Zhang’s coaching and podcast are a mix of inspirational wisdom and practical, action-based tips to empower you to take up space as your most authentic self and live an extraordinary life on your terms.

Oct. 17, 2022

Adult ADHD with Dr. Kathy Zhang

We have followed Dr. Luiyi Kathy Zhang on Instagram for quite some time. Her podcast, The Purpose Filter, is one that we try to listen to when life does not get in the way. Her podcast covers health, relationships, mindset, …

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