March 7, 2022

Love is Blind Season 2 - Honestly Unfiltered Part 2

Love is Blind Season 2 - Honestly Unfiltered Part 2

Can love be found without setting eyes on a person? Nick and Vanessa Lachey along with the producers of Love is Blind seem to think so!

In this episode Keri and Jeni break down the concept and discuss couples, Iyanna McNeely and Jarette Jones as well as Mallory Zapata and Salvador "Sal" Perez.

Who is Iyanna from Love Is Blind Season 2

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Jeni: Welcome to another episode of Honestly Unfiltered with Keri and Jeni. I am joined with my Co-host Keri Routh. We are here to discuss, well, we're calling this part. Two of love is blind. So we're going to break down some more stuff for you, Keri

how are you? It's been a while.

Keri: Oh my gosh. Uh, I was trying to think of something funny and then it just. Didn't happen. It just

Jeni: happens to me all the time. Alright. 

Keri: Alright. 

Jeni: So, if you listened to our last episode, we broke down. Part of love is blind. We discussed the pods a bit and the process, and we talked about [00:01:00] Shane, Natalie, Shayna and Kyle. Little triangle there. I think today we are going to talk about Jerrett and Iyanna and Mallory and Sal and that dynamic.

Keri: Yes. 

Jeni: Keri, Give me your thoughts. 

Keri: Well, here's, what's so hard because they were all like dating in the pods and Jarrett was like totally crushing on Mallory, like hard and. She had feelings for him, but not like in that way. And so when she rejected him, then he went Iyanna. Ayana was even hesitant because she was like, mm, am I, your second choice?

You know? And, um, She, uh, but ends up like relenting in the pod saying, yes, I will marry you. [00:02:00] And, but it was very much like, well, if Mallory would have said yes, but this goes back to this whole other discussion from before, like you go to the backup, do you want to be the backup? Right. 

Um, I don't know that I would want to be the backup, but you know, it's hard in that situation.

She is 

because sometimes with the backup, it works out like that's how it was meant to be. But I think, um, And when I was talking about like trauma bonded, I think that is what happened between Jarette and Iyanna. Cause he had like been stabbed and she had been attacked or something like that. It's probably in my notes.

 She said she was sexually assaulted. 

Is that what it was? And. So I think it [00:03:00] was that whole, um, having to fight back to get back to your life and things happen, but it doesn't have to make you a bad person. So they kind of seem to bond on that level, but he also likes to paint a certain picture of himself.

Like my dad's a minister. Um, things like that because once they were out of the pods, like he still going out all the time, um, she was upset. He had a monogram watch holder from some ex. 

 That was weird.

Listen, I know. And she really overthinks everything and to a point, but also why the fuck was she so old when she [00:04:00] got adopted?

I'm so confused. 

Jeni: I am too. I missed that story. I, 

Keri: I mean, I think they adopted her when she was like 18. 

Jeni: And she got with them when she was 18. Yeah. It's 

Keri: super weird. Super weird. And it's not like they're, it's not even like they're our age or older. 

Jeni: No, they're 

Keri: not. They have to be in their 

Jeni: thirties. They have to be 

I was thinking that too, that they didn't look that old.

Keri: And even still, why would you adopt someone when they're 22? That's weird. 

Jeni: That is weird. That is it's a little strange unless they just wanted to make it legal. So she felt like she was part of a family, maybe [00:05:00] on the show. Iyanna revealed she grew up as an only child with a complicated childhood. After living with her mother and aunt, she was kicked out of her house when she was 18 and later adopted by her godparents.

When she was 22, I had so many odds against me. I should not be okay. She says, um, Yeah, that's it. That's all it says. I wonder if they were more. If they were more parents to her, then they gave her the stability and maybe to make her feel like she was part of a family. So she succeed in life that she, they adopted her, they felt they wanted to make it, you know, so that, you know, she could, they could say that she has, you know, which is wonderful at that age to do that.

Keri: I just thought it was weird. 

Jeni: Yeah. Yeah. I've heard of situations like that, but it's common. So, but yeah, no, I think they were definitely bonded in trauma [00:06:00] and I almost felt like he was a little turned off. Um, when she told him that she had been sexually assaulted, like, I felt like that's when he kind of flipped to Mallory because he judged her or didn't want to deal with it.

That was my thought process. 

Keri: Well, the thing is too with Iyanna, she's not into making out. She thinks saliva's 

Jeni: grows. She's very, also very young and she was the youngest one. 

Keri: I think that she's being very forgiving and truly like relying on prayer and a leap of faith that this is not going to shit, the bed.

Jeni: Yeah. And I think a concern with him also was that he's older and he's ready to start a family where she's still completing her [00:07:00] master's degree. And not that, and that was a big thing with him as well as with her, it was his going out, like, you want to start a family, but you don't want to stay with.

Right. Like he 

Keri: was going out all the time. I'm like, Why wouldn't you want to be at home with the person trying to get to know them? Exactly. I was actually extremely surprised they got married. 

Jeni: I was too. I was waiting for her to say, no, I was, I was, I was shocked. And then I like really held my breath when it was his turn, because I thought then for sure, he'd say no, but I feel like he really came together and, you know, realized that he had to make.

Sacrifices. And he had to stop his, his ways, his single ways, because that was a big thing when he met her parents. 

Keri: Well, and even his friends, like they were like, we didn't think you'd [00:08:00] ever get married. Yeah, they were. So, I mean, I do think Jarett wants a family like that was his end game goal. 

Jeni: I agree. 

Keri: I think he will still struggle with modifying his lifestyle.

Jeni: I do too. And especially with her being so young, she's a whole body though. I think she is. But I think if you have a child at home, it gives you more of a reason to stay home. 

Keri: Depends on the guy 


Jeni: is true 

Keri: that, that experience. 

Jeni: Yeah, that is true. Now, what I find interesting is I never felt like.Mallory and Sal we're aa good match.

They were just, I felt like she got caught up in his romance. Uh, I 

Keri: agree, because I never felt like this [00:09:00] magic, anything. I mean, I don't know if I'm supposed to be feeling magic, but you know, just where you're like. Yeah, yeah. I think, um, yeah, and I don't think she really was attracted to. Physically at first, but then decided to like give it a hot minute.

And then of course, you know, he was singing and whatever else he was doing.

Then fast forward out of the pods. 

Jeni: I wonder if you were just thinking what I'm 

Keri: Fuck. And the wheels come off, whoever he was fucking dating before he went to the pods that he liked never even told them where he was going. I don't think, yeah. They showed up at his sister's and went totally bat shit.

Right. Oh, my God. 

Jeni: And obviously like Mallory said, if this person went to your sister's house and felt comfortable enough to [00:10:00] know them and do that, you were in pretty deep. 

Keri: Yeah. And it kind of sounded like he spent all his time with her. He banged her all the time, but he didn't want to commit to her 

Jeni: because he knew this was on the back burner.

Keri: Yeah. So in his mind it was just an unspoken we're just hanging out. Yeah. 

Jeni: I think he has commitment issues. 

Keri: Oh, I do too. 

That's why he said no. And he was questioning. 

Well, and what I found interesting, because I think Mallory was really going into it with like an open heart. I mean, look, I'm glad they didn't get married.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm glad. Um, because I think he's, I think he lies by omission. I do. I think he lies by omission and I think she's like dodged a bullet with that thing, but I [00:11:00] just don't even remember what I was going to say, but that dude shady as fuck. 

Jeni: I found very telling, And I know that it was brought up when they were in Mexico and, it didn't even hit me until, later on until it was said out loud that she in the pods had told Jarrett when she got married, she wanted a gold ring.

Keri: Oh yeah. 

And she told Sal the same thing. Now you have a Jeweler there that will. That has all these rings. And you know, the girl you're going to propose to cost is not an option or, or I know what you're saying. And you don't pick the ring with the gold band. 

Got a question though, because I swear when they were on the beach and all that stupid shit talk was going on, that he looked at her and said, I should have asked.[00:12:00] 

Like, I don't think he even asked her. 

Jeni: I think that he knew no. I think when they were at the dinner table, after it was after her and Jarette had a conversation about it and he razzed her and said, I noticed you don't have a gold ring. And he said, I would have known. To get the gold and he's, but I think Sal said I should have paid more attention, or I think he acknowledged that he knew when he ignored it.

When they were at the table in that little dinner, right after the group dating, they had a dinner the next night and they discussed it and he got upset because he saw her talking to him. And like, I 

Keri: remember all that super, but her 

Jeni: right. And then he razzed her about it. And then. She then she got in his head and then Jarett gotten Mallory's head and then [00:13:00] on, Sal went to Jarrett and had a talk with him about it, but it was true.

It was true. 

Keri: It was true. And for everyone listening, Patrick, didn't listen to the ring. I fucking wanted either listen to what the women want. I will 

Jeni: say that. Dead. We were in a jewelry store. And I saw a ring and I was screwing with him because I didn't think we were anywhere near ready to get engaged.

And I tried on this ring and I thought it was beautiful and said that, yeah, I was like, ah, this is kind of ring Iyanna and was like, totally messing with him. And I worked nights at the time and the sleep lab. And when I went to sleep, he went back to the jewelry store and he bought the. 

Keri: Actually, he wasn't saying actually 

Jeni: he went and consulted with his mother first and then he bought the ring.


Keri: that's so cool. [00:14:00] But you know, so love that story. 

Jeni: We do. So I do think that, you know, that that's telling that he wouldn't listen to something so simple though. Like, so if you're going to 

Keri: ignore that happened to me, I have red flags for days. There you 

Jeni: go. If you're not going to listen to something so simple.

And the first major thing in your future is the ring. Now I, I know a ring and a piece of jewelry is not important, but if you're going to buy the ring and you're going to you state what you want. Or, I mean, I know that you didn't want anything extravagant, like he got you, you wanted something a little smaller.

It was ridiculous, 

Keri: fucking brutal. I can't eat that mother fucker and see that goes to show everybody it doesn't mean bigger's better. Hated that fucking [00:15:00] ring 

Jeni: God. 

Keri: So it's not even, it's not about the money. Nothing. Nope. No, my God just listen to what the people tell them. Yes, 

Jeni: listen to what the people tell you.

So, yeah, I don't, I don't know Mallory. I liked her as a person, Sal. He left me flat and I didn't care. I didn't care for him at all. Um, I don't, he doesn't seem like he's a player, but I do think he has commitment. 

Keri: I, yeah. And my guess is to, you know, just, even as we were talking late, um, about her being so comfortable going over to his sister's house, that check he was hooking up with.

I bet you he's been hooking up with her for a long time. It's just one of those things where he keeps her right there. Yeah. 

Jeni: Yeah, because they cause in his defense was, well, we got picked for this like a year ago and they [00:16:00] said the along with our lives, not to stop anything. Well, I would think that would mean you don't get serious with somebody if, you know, you're like, if I was that, if I was, you know, 20 years younger and I was in that situation and I got picked for that experience, I wouldn't be dating somebody knowing that I was going to go off and do this show and less he, because of how much he showcased his singing, figured it would help his music career.

Keri: Um, I think it just makes them look stupid. 

Jeni: Yeah, it does. But there was a bachelor contestant that did that. He pulled a, he pulled a Jed Wyatt. Yes. Hannah Browns, fiance, the man she picked in her and it came out, they got engaged and any chance he got, he had his fucking guitar out singing and I'm singing to her, singing to [00:17:00] everybody.

And. A cup while the show was airing, it came out a girl came forward and said that she was dating Jared. Um, she was dating Jed and that he told her I'll listen, I got picked for this bachelorette thing and I'm just gonna go and I'm going to make the most of it. I, I think it will. Hi, I'll showcase my singing and it will help me get a record contract.

And then when I come home, you know, we'll get back together. Like it never even happened. Just, you know, be patient and he fricking got engaged to Hannah Brown. Oh my God. He ghosted. Never contacted her ever again. Yes. That's horrible. The weekend that they, before he went to LA to film, they were in Mexico together.

[00:18:00] Pictures surfaced on the air. I mean all over the place. And his mistake was he wasn't forthcoming with it. Like he had this, a secret and then it came out

Keri: Lies by omission, baby. 

Jeni: And he kept it and then it was basically. As, you know, after the final air rose aired, they showed what happened or actually it was before they showed the conversation that they had, where he was trying to squirm his way out of it saying, well, yeah, that was why I came on the show, but I never thought I was going to fall in love with you.

And that this was going to happen. Like, what are my chances? Nope. She put the ring on the table and said, we're done. And that was it. Good for her. Yeah. Yeah. And she was not 

a lot of way. I mean, as we've been seeing recently, not all 

women do that. No, no. She's she stood her ground and [00:19:00] here's here's here is the kicker, the girl.

That came forward is now engaged to Hannah Brown's brother. Shut 

Keri: off. Yeah. What 

Jeni: are the I know, right. And you could tell, she's not happy about. 

Keri: Oh my God. What are the odds? Oh my God. I'll tell you. Incest is best in bachelor nation girl, 

Jeni: but I do see, I do like Hannah Brown a lot as a person. And she was then like, basically when the final row, like when they.

The second runner up, come in, Tyler, Cameron, who is so hot, she asked him, you know, do you think, I think she realized she made a mistake and she asked him, you know, can we, you know, maybe go on a date, get a drink and talk AF you know, sometime [00:20:00] soon. And he said, yes, There were pictures of paparazzi, pictures of him leaving her apartment.

And he flew home to New York and started deed, started dating Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid or one of them, one of the Hadid's. And the reason she was so upset about it was because he didn't even give her a heads up. It just started. They were she's like we weren't committed. And she says it in her book. We weren't together, but he could have given me the courtesy of.

At least giving me a hat and then fast forward to 2020, because her season was in 2019, his mom suddenly passed away. , She died of a brain aneurysm and they were very close. He lives in Jupiter. Well, his family's, he lives in New York city, but his family's from Jupiter, Florida, and she flew. Wow. And they, everyone thought they were [00:21:00] together, but they're just friends.

And then Florida went down on lockdown and she couldn't get home. So she was stuck in quarantine with him. And then. Matt James, who was the first black bachelor is Tyler Cameron's best friend. That's how he got that role, that gig because Tyler's mother signed him up for it and nominated.

And they've chose him. And he is a great guy. I got to know him through their tick talks because they formed the quarantine crew and they would do the funniest tick talks. And it was so entertaining during quarantine. And then when the quarantines were lifted, she hauled ass out of Florida and went back to Alabama where her family.

And she says in her book that they were not romantic at all. Through that time, they didn't even like each other. He was [00:22:00] grieving. They slept in the same room, but he was grieving. He was basically a Dick and she left his house that day and has not talked to him since. Oh 

Keri: my God. Wow. Yeah. 

Jeni: Big. Wow. Big. Wow.

And he was just on this TV show on Fox. It was like a dirty dancing type remake or whatever. It was like remaking dirty dancing. And there was like a dance contest or whatever, but he's a model and he does. He's a, he does a whole bunch of things, but he is fucking hot. I will tell him, I would tell why. I'm sorry, but I'm taking it.

Keri: bounce 

Jeni: a quarter off those 

Keri: abs. Yeah, momma's going for a snack!. 

Jeni: I do body shots off those abs all day long anyway, but we're digressing. So anyways, I guess to wrap this up, um, I am [00:23:00] really glad that Jarrett and Iyanna got married. I really hope that they're doing well and still together. I 

Keri: know me too. 

Jeni: I am feeling they are, but we'll, I guess we'll see Friday.

Keri: You never know. 

Jeni: And then, you know, you know, our next episode, maybe probably next week, sometime we're going to get into, uh, Nick and Danielle. Cause that 

is like that next level. There is so much to unpack. There really 

is. And I'm looking at July one back. There is, there is I'm really looking forward to that.

So maybe to stay tuned. Folks. We have a lot to talk about in the next couple of weeks. All right, Keri, until next time 

Keri: until next time. Bye. 

Jeni: Bye.