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Great Podcast

I love that this podcast focuses on many subjects but always finds a way to stay on message while tying everything back to Mental Health. Keep up the good work girls!

Love new format

I have been listing for almost a year and I love new Co-Host, Ellie. She is most definitely their right fit for Jeni as you can hear, Ellie listens, she does not wait to talk! Great show girls!

Love this podcast!!!!!

Love listening to this podcast. Such a fun show! Love the guests and hosts!!!!! Bri

Love these ladies!!

Take a listen you won’t be disappointed!!

This podcast is amazing.

This podcast is amazing. They are able to talk so openly and honestly about many of the things I’m working through in myself currently and it makes me feel so much less alone.

Talk about real life issues.

These girls are inspiring in so many ways. I love how they talk about real life issues, especially mental health, while incorporating their funny & authentic selves! Every Monday I wake up looking forward to listening to them.

Being so real

Thank you both for being so real. I too struggle will my weight and how i look. So thank you both for being so real. You both are beautiful inside and out.

They are awesome!

I just started listening to their podcast and they are hilarious. They make me laugh so much, they make my day. I also love how real they keep it. They are awesome!

Excelent guys

Jeni and Keri are absolutely lovely. They’re funny, open and down to earth!


Thank you for always keeping it real and being so open about your lives. You guys are hilarious and I look forward every week to your podcast.

Love you girls

Love you girls, you girls are funny and informative at the same time, I look forward to everyday Monday!

The raw & real topics

I love this podcast!! The raw & real topics they cover are so relatable.

ray of sunshine!

You 2 are such a beautiful ray of sunshine! I hope your around for a long time!

Great podcast!

Great podcast! They always keep it lighthearted and funny. I look forward to it every week!

Great Top

It’s so refreshing to see women understanding and discussing real world problems. Great Top

so fun to listen to!

You guys are so fun to listen to! I love how real and open you both are... listening to your pod cast brightens my day and make me feel better when I mix up words or sayings!

Great show

Started listening this about a month ago and it has just made my days better! Thank you for all the positive energy you all radiate throughout the show.

It’s so refreshing

It’s so refreshing to see women understanding and discussing real world problems. Great Topics, and awesome guest! Can’t wait for more.


I love listening to open and honest conversations between friends. The laughter is the best!

Genuine topics

Honestly unfiltered prides itself on discussing real, genuine topics that real people can relate to and it does just that! Each week Keri and Jeni explore a different topic and give their individual opinions with a comedic twist. I love listening to their podcast!

It’s great!

These two friends sit down discuss anything and everything, from relationship drama to their everyday lives, all served up with a big slice of unfiltered honesty. It’s great!


I found this Podcast while searching for something light and funny to listen to… I succeeded! These girls are really funny, entertaining and offer some good advice! I have been enjoying listening to them every week!

Love this podcast!

love this podcast! It could be 1 hours over long and I enjoy every minute of it. I loved the episode with Keri and Jeni Thomas

Look forward

I look forward to her podcasts episode and Patreon every week.

Definitely a new favorite!

I am always wanting to hear more and more with these episodes, they’re that good! I often find myself replaying them until the next one comes out because they’re that entertaining. I already can’t wait for the next!

Hilarious and Insightful!

These girls are very entertaining! I was sad for the episode to come to an end… looking forward to next weeks episode.