Sept. 26, 2022

Unpacking The Bachelorette Finale with Erin Hill

In this episode of The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast, Erin Hill joins Ellie and Jeni to unpack The Bachelorette Finale. It was announced minutes before recording that Clayton and Susie had broken up. The ladies also discuss the issues brought about this season with having two leads. What went wrong? What could have made the process better? Ellie gives the outsider's point of view into The Bachelorette Finale as she is a person who is not as invested as Jeni and Erin. The ladies also discuss the question everyone, on Twitter is asking, why did Tino take his shirt off? And, who was he on the phone with? And, how about the incident on stage with Aven, did Bachelor producers make him pay for his father's mistakes? Ellie, Jeni, and Erin also have a conversation about Erich's yearbook photo not being addressed, and this sends them down a rabbit hole involving Cracker Barrel! Finally, they discuss the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise. Why were Ashley and Jared there? Did someone get married? If so, who could it have been? Grab your earbuds and be prepared to laugh because this is a good one!

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Erin HillProfile Photo

Erin Hill

Certified Sleep Coach/Dating Coach/Casting Director

Erin, wife and mom of 2, is a certified sleep coach whose true passion is helping parents reclaim their lives through better sleep! In addition, she is a dating/relationship coach and a casting Director for a new reality tv dating series called TaleDate! She offers free phone consults; just slide into her DMs and get the help you need! On a personal note, she has a huge sweet tooth and admits to an addiction to Crumbl cookies and Stella sweet wine.