June 12, 2022

The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast Trailer Season 3

The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast Trailer Season 3

Season 3 Trailer for the Honestly Unfiltered Podcast with Hosts

Jeni Thomas and Ellie David.


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Jeni: I’m Jeni Thomas.

Ellie: And, Im her friend Ellie David.

Jeni: Just when I thought my podcasting days were over, Ellie gave me a call and said, hey… I’d love to Podcast with you!

Ellie: Because as women of a certain age, no one is talking about what happens next!

Jeni: How we’re supposed to feel as our children grow up and are getting ready to leave the nest.

Ellie: Or Have Left The Nest!

Jeni: How our bodies are changing as we get older.

Ellie: How our relationships with friends and family and even our spouses change over the years.

Jeni: And, that’s just the tip of the neurotic iceberg!

Ellie: So, we decided to create a Podcast that embodies what you would talk about with your closest friends.

Jeni: Subjects that you would not be comfortable talking about with just anyone.

Ellie: And, if you are someone who is not comfortable talking about these things with anyone

Jeni: Maybe you will be someone listening that says, “Oh that happens to me too, its normal”

Ellie: In times of uncertainty, it helps to know you're not alone.

Jeni: So, sit back, relax and put your headphones in.

Ellie: Because you're listening to The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast!